We’re Northward bound!


Grandma cuddles!

Having a two year old makes a long road trip a bit daunting prior to the departure. When you’ve been burned by expecting your baby to sleep for the majority of a 5 hour car drive and the opposite happens (hours of crying with multiple stops for comfort) it breaks your heart and starts to wear thin on the nerves. Then, you bow to never do this to you and your child again. If anyone is around a crying child, one minute feels like an hour. All you want to do is help them calm down.

My mom and brother live 5 hours North of me and anytime we go to visit I try to recruit a family member to join us to help keep Genevieve happy, while I drive. I’m sure you’ve guessed, we have made the drive by ourselves before and it can be painful, for both of us. This trip, I wasn’t able to get help, my husband is redoing our bedrooms and my sister couldn’t take the time from work. I needed to visit my family, regardless of the help. So yesterday, after breakfast my tot and I headed out on an adventure to grandmas.

It was very bittersweet that my daughter happened to explain to me that she wasn’t feeling good after we were already on the road. She kept repeating it and I told her to try and rest and that will help her feel better. She dozed off shortly after and was asleep for about an hour and a half of the five we had to go. When she woke up she began to repeat that she didn’t feel good. Crap!! I pulled the car over, and sure enough she was roasting and when I took her out of her car seat, she melted onto my shoulder. I felt horrible that we were venturing out when she felt so bad! I called my husband and he said we should just keep going because “it’s probably a bug that’ll pass in 24 hours.” I decided that we’d stay on the road for 3.5 more hours and make our destination, rather than turn back so soon if she would probably be feeling well soon. I cuddled with her for a bit and made sure she still wanted to go to grandmas and I oiled her up with thieves, purification, and peace and calming. I told her sleep with help and let her watch a movie on the iPad, while I drove us further.

After 3 hours, of on and off sleeping and statements of not feeling good, we made it to a small town to gas up and ate some food I brought for the trip. She was much better, until she ate some food and puked it all up on my lap. Ehhh, poor kiddo!! I cleaned her up and tossed the puke covered clothes on the floor of the backseat  and meandered on. The rest of the trip was about the same and I was so glad to finally make it so I could get her into my arms for good!

I’m so glad we did too, because we’ve had some much needed relaxation and bonding time. Sometimes, time seems to slip away without noticing and weeks and months go by until you realized you haven’t really communicated much with someone you love. Life is too short to loose sight of this.

So, we are here. We made it safe, and my little one is feeling way better. The time she has been spending with her grandma and uncle is priceless and I know she will be talking about this trip for months after.

I attribute a lot of my daughters fast recovery to using essential oils and her willingness to eat a variety of healthy foods. Wanna learn more? Let me know 😊


How is it February!?

I sure hope your day was as wonderful as mine was yesterday!! Even though I woke up earlier than I hoped, my morning started with abdominal exercises to get rid of my mommy belly (diastasis recti). Click here to watch and participate I this awesome workout. Then, my best bud and I went for a long walk in the gorgeous weather! She lives about a 10 minute walk from me and by the time we were finished, we were sweating and hungry. Thankfully, my awesome husband made a delicious omelet (paired with homemade fermented veggies), which was still warm and ready to eat when we returned from our 2.5 mile walk around the neighborhood. Not only was our walk a great time to catch up and bask in each other’s company while being surrounded by warmth and sun, we saw some pretty interesting things. We saw a number of other people enjoying the outdoors but we also saw a low rider truck peel off with an enormous amount of smoke pour out of his windows, which I missed but made my comrade laugh. Then, a minute later, we saw a large cat just hanging out on the dashboard of a van…above the steering wheel… of a moving car!! This we both saw, fortunately. Unfortunately, we weren’t quick enough to catch a photo. We pretty much laughed the whole way home. It’s not every day you see a cat just chilling out in a vehicle like that.

After the delicious breakfast, I got ready for my day. I took a quick shower, blew out my hair and did something I rarely do- put on mascara. I save makeup for special occasions. So, why the special occasion? I am proud to say, that I had the honor of teaching a class on how to increase energy and decrease stress for a great group of people for the National Guard. I cannot say how lucky and grateful I feel to have had the opportunity to speak to this group!

Why is this topic so important? Well think about a day that you felt so tired, you couldn’t motivate yourself to get out of bed or off the couch, yet people around you are having fun running around and playing together (I have a 2 year old so this is my example) and you’d love to join but just can’t find the energy. If this happens on occasion, it’s not that big of a deal, right? Yet, to encounter this day after day, it starts to take a toll on your relationships, your self esteem, mood, stress, etc. On top of those awful symptoms, high levels of stress can lead to some of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. This includes cancer, heart disease, diabetes (2&3-Alzheimer’s), gastrointestinal issues, and so on. The class goes more in detail and I go over some awesome steps to decrease the risk of stress related issues.

Some examples include conscious breathing, healthy eating, and improved quantity of sleep. I will be teaching this class again March 17 at 7 pm. If you’re interested in learning more, come join me by signing up here.

After my talk at the guards, I got to spend some time with my husband while we watched the new series on Hulu 11.22.63. My husband read the book by Stephan King and he seems to enjoy it, even though it’s not spot on from the book. So far it’s pretty intriguing. And it has mr eye candy, James Franco as the lead character 🙂

Shortly after, my daughter woke up from her long nap and we walked to the park and watched her play with other children. They took turns on the slide, and she accomplished going down the really steep slide all by herself and finished out the visit on the swings. We laughed and played and were silly all the way home. My hubbs made some yummy turkey avocado burgers on the grill for our dinner before the crazy wind rolled in and it had just started to lightly sprinkle. I added steamed asparagus and greens to the meal, plus my fermented veggies like usual (gotta feed the good bacteria in the gut! I’m also, teaching a group cooking class which includes some fermented foods. Click here to learn more).


The fermented sourdough kasha bread. Learn how to make it with me on March 10. (See link above)

We decided to cuddle on the couch and watch a video together while drinking tea. Then it was off to bed.

My days are usually pretty awesome, but that was an exceptional day! It’s gotta be, when it’s the middle of February and the temperatures hit 71°.

Do any of you remember a day that was absolutely remarkable? If so, if love to hear your day!


Love for the furries


Happy Friday! What a wonderful, and beautiful day! Yeah, I know it’s super foggy here, but it just reminds me of the days I lived on the coast. I think it’s a beauty in its own way. Anyway, who is ready for the weekend of love?? I’m gonna be honest here, I sure am not. I was hoping to make a gift for my husband from our little one and I still haven’t managed to get around to it. We will get it done though!

And speaking of love, I wanted to pay tribute to our furry loved ones. The ones who show us unconditional love, no matter what. No, ladies, I’m not talking about our fuzzy men, I’m speaking of our pets!

I love little critters ranging from lizards to not-so-little animals, like tigers. No, I’d never own a tiger or anything that wild. As cool as it would be to snuggle in with a baby tiger, I am not brave enough or trusting enough of a wild animal like that. My idea of that kind of animal is best seen on the TV or magazine, or better yet, at an animal rescue sanctuary, like Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. I’d much rather those animals are free and wild, but it’s important that these places exist to rescue the animals in need of a safe home.

No, my pets throughout my years have included cats, dogs, leopard geckos, fish, and gerbils. I gotta say, I would never own gerbils again. They can be mean little guys! And they reproduce as fast as rabbits, it seemed. One thing I dislike about being a pet owner is all of the hair! If I could own a dog that never shed, I would be as happy as a clam. Cleaning is one of those things I dislike to do, especially since becoming a mom. When I was young, my sitter had an outside dog, and being a kid I didn’t wash my hands thoroughly enough and I ended up getting worms. I think I was probably 4 or 5 years old and I remember at night screaming from the pain because that’s when the eggs would hatch. Yes, quite disgusting, but it’s life. And a good lesson, always wash your hands after hanging out with animals, because they can carry some pretty nasty stuff. Well so can a lot of other things too…But, lets not talk about that. Let’s talk about what amazing benefits of having a loving, cuddly animal does for us.

Did you know, that when you leave for the day and then come home and are greeted by your furry one, they exhibit the same hormones (oxytocin) we release when falling in love with someone? And, they will take on our burdens and ailments for us? One story I read about a dog was that he developed cancer rather than his owner getting cancer. Doesn’t that just break your heart? They love us so much that they sacrific their health for the betterment of us? Unfortunately, I can’t find this story, but as soon as I do, I will post it up here as an update. I think it’s pretty significant to mention regardless.

Not only that, but they decrease risks of depression and heart disease. They increase our immune system by decreasing stress and from the germs they carry- yes it’s beneficial to our immune system to be introduced to germs. Also, they are very good at sniffing out cancer. I’ve personally met someone who told me her dog would constantly try to lick her stomach where she later found out that she had cancer in that area. How amazing is that?! Some dogs are actually trained to do this, along with detecting food that may cause an allergic reaction, helping warn their owners of oncoming seizures, and detection on low blood sugars. This artical indicates that when pet owners brought their dogs to work, their stress levels, and that of their animals, were decreased throughout the day. How cool is that?

On top of that, they are very entertaining! Get a dog a good toy and some of the silly things it does will have you laughing at least. My sister is a cat person, so when I’d visit or stay over at her place, we would take out the lasers. The excitement they had trying to catch the red dot on the wall… hysterical!

For those of you who aren’t pet owners, you can benefit yourself and an animal by volunteering time at a local animal shelter or sactuary.

Who is your furry friend and how does he or she help you throughout the day?






I’d rather be in bed


Just resting my eyes a bit. I’m so sleepy, my eyes are stinging.

Eehhh…. the dreaded cold is going around and has made its way into our home. It started with a sore throat and got better, then went away slightly, then reared its ugly head again a couple of days ago.
It started with my husband. He got the worst of it. He eventually went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a bacterial ear infection and sinus infection, plus conjunctivitis or better known as pink eye. Thank God, my daughter and I dodged that bullet!! My tot, got a slight cough just at night and one day of puking.

Last night, was the worst of it with a painful throat and congestive coughing, which lead to insufficient amount of sleep. Luckily, I am blessed to be working at the clinic and so far I have only had one patient. But I’d rather be at home, in bed with my homemade heat pack, and a movie to doze in and out of while breathing in the smells of my essential oils both on my skin and coming from my diffuser.

I think this, and my lifestyle, is why I didn’t get worst symptoms in the home. And I think that’s why my daughter barely got sick. My love of essential oils has saved my butt in the past and will continue to in the future. Health is definitely a rollercoaster. Everyone gets sick, even the healthiest of us, but the duration and the severity will be determined by how you treat yourself.

My top suggestions on how to boost the immune system

1. Sleep! Resting is the best way to fight stress and heal. Aim for 7-9 hours at night starting by 10pm at the latest.

2. Eat and drink clean. Food is fuel to our bodies. The more sugar and process, contaminated foods you eat, the quicker your immune system will be compromised. Our bodies are composed of 60% water, therefore, we need to maintain the amount of water that is being expelled by other body processes throughout the day (breathing, sweating, urinating, defecating, etc.)

3. Therapeutic essential oils. The only brand I trust in my home is with Young Living. These are the only oils on the market that come from our own farms, which we can go visit during harvest if a member of the company. On the other hand, other companies may claim 100% therapeutic grade ois, yet 1. we don’t know how they were grown 2. may contain substances other than the pure oil 3. don’t have the Seed to Seal guarantee. Click here to order your own oils or contact me to learn more.

4.  Breathe in the fresh air. This is so important and is too easily forgotten during the winter. We are continually cooped up in the dirty, germ-y air due to the excuse of it being too cold outside. Our lungs depend on fresh, circulating air to support a healthy body. I try to get at least a 10 minute walk every day to get some air, which helps to get movement into my day as well. Plus, I sleep with the window open as much as possible, even when its crazy cold outside.

5. Once the cold has made its way into your home, eat as light as possible! I am not the greatest at this. I think if I would have followed this rule, I wouldn’t still be sick. Great things to add in for “meals” would be bone broth, fermented veggies (great for vitamin C), herbal teas, very small meals that are warm and cooked. I’d also recommend not eating meat or raw foods during your cold because they are a lot harder to process. Add in chopped garlic is beneficial for the immune system also. Chop it up as small as you can, let it sit for about 5 minutes for stronger potency and chase it down with some water.

Has the cold made its way into your home this year? If so, how did you handle it? If you’re lucky enough to not have gotten it, what are your secrets to staying cold-free?

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