Love for the furries


Happy Friday! What a wonderful, and beautiful day! Yeah, I know it’s super foggy here, but it just reminds me of the days I lived on the coast. I think it’s a beauty in its own way. Anyway, who is ready for the weekend of love?? I’m gonna be honest here, I sure am not. I was hoping to make a gift for my husband from our little one and I still haven’t managed to get around to it. We will get it done though!

And speaking of love, I wanted to pay tribute to our furry loved ones. The ones who show us unconditional love, no matter what. No, ladies, I’m not talking about our fuzzy men, I’m speaking of our pets!

I love little critters ranging from lizards to not-so-little animals, like tigers. No, I’d never own a tiger or anything that wild. As cool as it would be to snuggle in with a baby tiger, I am not brave enough or trusting enough of a wild animal like that. My idea of that kind of animal is best seen on the TV or magazine, or better yet, at an animal rescue sanctuary, like Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. I’d much rather those animals are free and wild, but it’s important that these places exist to rescue the animals in need of a safe home.

No, my pets throughout my years have included cats, dogs, leopard geckos, fish, and gerbils. I gotta say, I would never own gerbils again. They can be mean little guys! And they reproduce as fast as rabbits, it seemed. One thing I dislike about being a pet owner is all of the hair! If I could own a dog that never shed, I would be as happy as a clam. Cleaning is one of those things I dislike to do, especially since becoming a mom. When I was young, my sitter had an outside dog, and being a kid I didn’t wash my hands thoroughly enough and I ended up getting worms. I think I was probably 4 or 5 years old and I remember at night screaming from the pain because that’s when the eggs would hatch. Yes, quite disgusting, but it’s life. And a good lesson, always wash your hands after hanging out with animals, because they can carry some pretty nasty stuff. Well so can a lot of other things too…But, lets not talk about that. Let’s talk about what amazing benefits of having a loving, cuddly animal does for us.

Did you know, that when you leave for the day and then come home and are greeted by your furry one, they exhibit the same hormones (oxytocin) we release when falling in love with someone? And, they will take on our burdens and ailments for us? One story I read about a dog was that he developed cancer rather than his owner getting cancer. Doesn’t that just break your heart? They love us so much that they sacrific their health for the betterment of us? Unfortunately, I can’t find this story, but as soon as I do, I will post it up here as an update. I think it’s pretty significant to mention regardless.

Not only that, but they decrease risks of depression and heart disease. They increase our immune system by decreasing stress and from the germs they carry- yes it’s beneficial to our immune system to be introduced to germs. Also, they are very good at sniffing out cancer. I’ve personally met someone who told me her dog would constantly try to lick her stomach where she later found out that she had cancer in that area. How amazing is that?! Some dogs are actually trained to do this, along with detecting food that may cause an allergic reaction, helping warn their owners of oncoming seizures, and detection on low blood sugars. This artical indicates that when pet owners brought their dogs to work, their stress levels, and that of their animals, were decreased throughout the day. How cool is that?

On top of that, they are very entertaining! Get a dog a good toy and some of the silly things it does will have you laughing at least. My sister is a cat person, so when I’d visit or stay over at her place, we would take out the lasers. The excitement they had trying to catch the red dot on the wall… hysterical!

For those of you who aren’t pet owners, you can benefit yourself and an animal by volunteering time at a local animal shelter or sactuary.

Who is your furry friend and how does he or she help you throughout the day?



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