We’re Northward bound!


Grandma cuddles!

Having a two year old makes a long road trip a bit daunting prior to the departure. When you’ve been burned by expecting your baby to sleep for the majority of a 5 hour car drive and the opposite happens (hours of crying with multiple stops for comfort) it breaks your heart and starts to wear thin on the nerves. Then, you bow to never do this to you and your child again. If anyone is around a crying child, one minute feels like an hour. All you want to do is help them calm down.

My mom and brother live 5 hours North of me and anytime we go to visit I try to recruit a family member to join us to help keep Genevieve happy, while I drive. I’m sure you’ve guessed, we have made the drive by ourselves before and it can be painful, for both of us. This trip, I wasn’t able to get help, my husband is redoing our bedrooms and my sister couldn’t take the time from work. I needed to visit my family, regardless of the help. So yesterday, after breakfast my tot and I headed out on an adventure to grandmas.

It was very bittersweet that my daughter happened to explain to me that she wasn’t feeling good after we were already on the road. She kept repeating it and I told her to try and rest and that will help her feel better. She dozed off shortly after and was asleep for about an hour and a half of the five we had to go. When she woke up she began to repeat that she didn’t feel good. Crap!! I pulled the car over, and sure enough she was roasting and when I took her out of her car seat, she melted onto my shoulder. I felt horrible that we were venturing out when she felt so bad! I called my husband and he said we should just keep going because “it’s probably a bug that’ll pass in 24 hours.” I decided that we’d stay on the road for 3.5 more hours and make our destination, rather than turn back so soon if she would probably be feeling well soon. I cuddled with her for a bit and made sure she still wanted to go to grandmas and I oiled her up with thieves, purification, and peace and calming. I told her sleep with help and let her watch a movie on the iPad, while I drove us further.

After 3 hours, of on and off sleeping and statements of not feeling good, we made it to a small town to gas up and ate some food I brought for the trip. She was much better, until she ate some food and puked it all up on my lap. Ehhh, poor kiddo!! I cleaned her up and tossed the puke covered clothes on the floor of the backseat  and meandered on. The rest of the trip was about the same and I was so glad to finally make it so I could get her into my arms for good!

I’m so glad we did too, because we’ve had some much needed relaxation and bonding time. Sometimes, time seems to slip away without noticing and weeks and months go by until you realized you haven’t really communicated much with someone you love. Life is too short to loose sight of this.

So, we are here. We made it safe, and my little one is feeling way better. The time she has been spending with her grandma and uncle is priceless and I know she will be talking about this trip for months after.

I attribute a lot of my daughters fast recovery to using essential oils and her willingness to eat a variety of healthy foods. Wanna learn more? Let me know 😊


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