Jump! Dream! Play!

I wasn’t sure exactly what this weeks topic would be, although I knew it would be a personal post because I had some fun plans made for last week. Read on to see what exciting things me and my family got to experience…

So first thing, my daughter has absolutely loved trampolines ever since she started going to her current babysitter (about a year and a half). Since then she has been on a couple of other tramps, but nothing compared to what she expected on Thursday. My husbands work schedule recently changed from four ten hour days to five 9 hour days and his last week day off we decided to take our trampoline lovin’ kiddo to an indoor trampoline park. The music was very inappropriate… I don’t know about you, but the last thing I would think to play around a group of mainly children under the age of six would be “Gin and Juice” by Snoop Dog… And it continued that way for about a half hour. Regardless, we had a blast! I didn’t sleep well the night prior so it only took me 15 minutes to get to the point where I was needing a little break. The whole time my little one hopped all around the building and jumped in the foam pits, threw the balls in the dodgeball court (no games were taking place) and went down the slides formed from trampoline ramps. My husband finished up with a couple of backflips, which was pretty impressive. After an hour of jumping my daughter was still not ready to leave and she hopes one day we will have a trampoline in our small yard. I’m still trying to convince my husband we could fit one in. Seems to be working because he said we may be able to fit one in our backyard!

The second things that happened was the Breadroot Co-op decided to sell my lotion bars and deodorant, which are organic and non-toxic. I’m so proud to have a product line with things that I completely stand by and use every day. My hope is that someone else will find them useful, while keeping them and those around them safe from toxins. Plus, I held a class on fermented vegetables on Saturday for a group of friends and coworkers. (I’ll be teaching another class in May, click here for upcoming classes).

Finally, the last thing that made my week, and was a perfect ending to it, was the event at Naked Winery. Ever since I fell in love with the board game Clue and found out there was such a thing called a murder mystery theater I wanted to go to one and I finally did! Better yet, it was set as a 1920’s speakeasy theme. I ordered my dress on Amazon for me and my best friend, and borrowed some shoes from a friend (I’m starting to build up a variety of zero gravity shoes and got rid of my shoes that hurt my body in one way or another. I threw that aside for a few hours and wore some actually pretty comfortable chunky heels. Thank goodness my other friend let borrow her flats!)

What a night we had! Our group consisted of my husband and I, my sister and her boyfriend, and my best friend. And I gotta say, we looked awesome! My husband and I got so into it that the other guests thought we were part of the cast…multiple times! Naked Winery was very accommodating to our dietary needs and they have delicious spiced wine!

If you are into the game Clue and like to socialize, then I urge you to go to one of these events in the future! I would definitely do another one and might check out the company who put on the show, Seraphim. They do improv shows, musicals, and plays and it’s something I’ve missed since my days of high school theater and speech.

What was great about your week? Have you ever been to a murder mystery event? If so, how was your experience?

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