Not again with these shenanigans

About 6 months ago, I finally was able to move my position from part-time to a PRN position at the hospital I work at. This decision was motivated to focus more on my business of coaching people to health, and allowing more time with my family (my work hours ran from 9:30-8pm and every other weekend). Along with that, we forfeited our health insurance. So we found a health share group that was a bit more expensive, but I loved the concept. Basically, you pay a monthly share (ours for a family came to about $440/month, which included vision and dental). When signing up, you have to fill out a health questionnaire and people are expected to lead a healthy lifestyle. I was happy to be in a group of health conscious people and felt great that I was helping someone in need for their medical costs when something arose because of a need. They cover a free wellness exam every year, which included labs, if needed.

After several months went by, my family decided it was time to start our adoption process. I’m sure you can imagine how costly adoptions are (usually between $10,000-$50,000) so we have been finding ways to cut out extra costs in every area of our life. With all of the Obama care advertisements, I decided I’d see if we could save some money replacing our health share with another insurance company.


looks enticing…

Man, was that a BIG mistake! While there were some options on savings, we found that we had a better deal by jumping on my husband’s insurance through his employer. So… the big mistake? Giving out my phone number to the Obama care website for comparing insurance companies! Shortly after I filled out the pre-application online, I got numerous calls throughout the day. I thought, wow, this isn’t going to take long to find an affordable plan. The annoying thing, was that they didn’t stop after the first couple of days. Still, months after politely telling the different companies and callers that they need to stop calling because we had found insurance, the calls still come in. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t answer my phone if it’s an unknown number, which isn’t the greatest thing considering I’m a business owner. I ALSO, put my number on the National Do Not Call Registry, yet the calls still remain. They are getting less frequent, yet they are still a nuisance! Every time that I actually answer the call, I choose the option to take me off their call list.

Ever since I was little, I remember getting telemarketing calls and how they drove my family crazy. With the technology of cellphones that seemed to drastically help… then, I asked for it and it returned… Lesson learned universe! I’m not saying, don’t shop around for better deals. With our economy, I think it’s a very good idea to shop around for the things you truly need. I just don’t recommend putting your number into a computer generated application, unless you are prepared to the numerous phone calls long after you have made a decision.

Have you ever been bombarded by these companies? What have you done to regain some sanity?

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