Got pain? Could it be from your feet?

It’s getting close to summer time! I’m sure you have grabbed those cute and convenient flip-flops at least a couple of times, am I right? Well next time your go to slip them on, think again! The shoes you wear have an incredible impact on your whole body, especially high heals and FLIP FLOPS (or any shoe that doesn’t have a back to connect our shoe properly to the foot). Our feet weren’t designed to be squeezed into a shoe and be placed in awkward differing elevations. We were meant to walk barefoot, or as close to it as possible. When, instead, we put our feet in shoes our whole alignment and posture and movements are altered. You may be asking… “what’s the big deal? I’ve been wearing shoes my whole life.”

Well, like I’ve mentioned in other posts, our body is an amazing group of systems that are constantly working on reaching a balance or homeostasis. The shoe dilemma is nothing different in terms of one area taking the burden where another area is lacking, which of course, creates a burden on our whole body. This typically looks like pain in the heel, hips, and back, corns and calluses, fractures, sprains, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the thick band of tissue along the bottom of the foot that causes a stabbing pain, especially in the heel.

Now,during the summer I used to be a flip flop fanatic! Everyday was flip flop day, even sometimes in the rain and I remember the pain I used to get in my heels when standing.  After reading one of Kate Bowman’s books,

I have decided that this wasn’t going to happen this year. DON’T throw out your flip flops just yet! These may still be a good option for your feet, but you need to make a little adjustment to them first. Here’s what I did to mine!!

I just took an old T-shirt and cut strips off length-wise from top to bottom of the shirt (about one inch strips) and then turned them into really cute tie on shoes, which are way more supportive to the foot and body mechanics. They’re cute, comfy, and cheap!
Here’s another really cute DIY pair I found too. I might make these with the other pair of sandals I have at home.

Remember, all shoes are counterproductive to our natural body mechanics, so anytime you plan on spending money on shoes, also think about how they will effect your body. We are creatures that used to move constantly, now we sit at the computer most of the day, then relax at home sitting on a couch/chair, all which is making our body’s more weak. To build up our body’s strength, here are some exercises to incorporate and I really recommend you read Katy Bowman’s books or blog. If you plan on changing your footwear, I recommend reading this book first so you can gently transition to protect your body.

What to look for in a great shoe!

  1. No raised heal- even just a slight incline in the heal will throw off your body
  2. Malleablity- anytime I purchase a shoe I make sure the sole is very mobile. Lot’s of the websites that sell ergonomic shoes will show pictures of shoes rolled up on itself. This is a great test to do with a pair of shoes before you buy them

    My rolled up Lems

    My rolled up Lems

  3. Wide toes- stay away from narrow toe areas as this will really mess up the natural shape of your feet
  4. Ease of use- the best thing you can do for your feet it to go bare as much as you can, so finding a shoe that you can easily slip off and on is a great option, but make sure the first three tips are in there as well

My favorite ergonomic shoes: for more choices click here

Lemings           Lems


Fit In Clouds



Great Resources for more information on movement and feet

*Some links are affiliated and may result in profiting from purchases, which go toward running this site. Any purchases made through links are greatly appreciated.

Throw it all out

With our adoption pancake feed last month, we decided to throw a yard sale to increase profits. We encouraged anyone to throw in their unused stuff to help out if they wanted. We got a lot of positive support with this. So many people donated things they were no longer using anymore. Well, the day we had the fundraiser, there were a million other events around the city and the weather was gorgeous! Double whammy! We almost left the stuff left over from the yard sale in the church the next day, to see if we could get rid of even a fraction more. Well we had so much help the day of, we didn’t want to give that perk up.

Last Saturday, we held a yard sale at our home to generate more money for the adoption, PLUS, we got rid of stuff we no longer use anymore. I can’t believe how liberating this feels! It has me on this insane hunt around the home for more things we can either sell or donate to GET IT OUT of our house! I love the way I feel having more space. More space to live, more space to be comfortable in, more space to breathe, and think. Better yet, less stuff collecting in my house waiting for me to clean it!

Now, don’t get me wrong, de cluttering  isn’t easy! I am very emotionally attached to most things in my house (my dad bought this for me on a trip…that I wasn’t on… or the movie tickets from a random movie I went to with a friend I don’t see much anymore.) or I find an excuse to not get rid of something because “you never know” when I may need it. Basically, I kept a LOT of stuff! No, I am not/wasn’t a hoarder. I really did/do throw out trash and I can walk around my home comfortably, minus the random toy my daughter decides it belongs on the floor of the kitchen, even though the countless times I’ve asked her to keep toys out of the kitchen. (She’ll get there!) Well, the excuses are no longer in use because they really don’t serve me or my family. Really, they never did.

I’ll show you below how much I’ve gotten rid of so far. Every room in the upstairs and main level have been picked through and put in boxes to sell at our sale. Every single penny will go toward our adoption fees and with every single thing I toss in the box to go, the better and happier and lighter I feel! (So far with the things we have sold, we’ve made around $450!) The clutter is starting to subside in our home, even with a little one!

Shortly after the pancake feed event, I came across some minimalist posts on pinterest and the sign I saw slapped me in the face! It said,

“You don’t buy your things with money, you pay with hours of your life.”

Whoa! So true!! Since that day, I have deleted all of my credit cards on Amazon and any other subscription site to make any inkling of the idea of purchasing anything on a whim almost impossible. Then, shortly after, I went through every room… (except the basement- our black hole of piles of paperwork and other useless things, basically our sad excuse for a junk drawer that turned into a large room…) And more recently, I’ve been tackling area too. (My version of decluttering is tackling one room at a time for 15-30 minutes, then moving to another area either the same day or I pick up the next day. I try to do this every day though so I am constantly getting rid of at least one item, however, like I said before, we have a blackhole room, so it will be a while before I am down to only one item per day.

I’m sure you’re aware that I’m about to pose a challenge to YOU, my lovely reader. This is the challenge… in the next 30 days. We are going to throw out the junk and save money on the thngs we don’t need! Things that have no purpose, no use, and are sucking energy from you! You can even do this for your kids. And I gotta say, I could tell my daughter has learned from this already. She used to freak out when we tossed something out or take library books back, but now she realized how we don’t need these things. At first, I kind of hid things that we were going to sell, but the last week, I just put it in a box and told her “We don’t need these things, they are going to go to someone who needs them and it will help us get your sibling here,” or something along those lines.


Helpful tips on letting go of the useless stuff in our lives…

  1. First, you gotta let go of any emotional attachment with things that are really not that important. I’m not saying, throw out your great grandmothers blanket she made for you or things like that. But if you are holding on to an item like a T-shirt that tells your audience you went to band camp the summer of 2001, get rid of it! You have beautiful memories of that trip, I’m sure photos too, and no one is going to take that away from you, why do you need the shirt to sit in your closet and collect dust and take up more space? (note: if you wear that shirt a lot then don’t toss it) I like to think of the rule, if you haven’t worn it in a year, then toss it. How do you do this? Turn around all of your hangers (hanging the opposite way) around in your closet, anything you haven’t worn in a year (or less would be better) toss it. Or throw it in a box, mark the date, and if after, you remember something in there that you want, go grab that BUT NOTHING ELSE, then toss the rest after a month or so.
  2. Stop making purchases on things you don’t really need. Remember the quote from before about how we pay for things with the hours of our lives? Think of this every time you go to purchase something and ask yourself, “Do I TRULY need this or is it something that will just sit and collect dust?” “Is the time that I spent working hard, worth it to buy this?” “Is this something that one of my family or friends would let me borrow when I felt like I may need it?”
  3. Set a specific time/day that you will declutter. I mean it, every single day, set a timer for 10-15 minutes and go! Throw things into 4 piles/boxes/bags, one for unsure (this is the box that I meantioned before- place things in it that you think you may use then mark the date on the box. After 1 month or so, if you haven’t gotten anything out of it, donate or sell) garbage, one for donation, and one for selling.
  4. Notice how awesome you feel afterward! Find encouragement and support through a friend/family/me! I’d love to hear what works and if you need any help!

Here are some other helpful sites that I’ve visited when coming across the minimalist movement I’ve began to embrace.

Oh, and don’t think that this isn’t possible if you have a family! I am starting to create a wardrobe for my daughter and gently encouraging my husband to clear out his unused goods as well. Right before the yard sale, I even got my daughter to pick out toys she didn’t want anymore! Mom for the win! Woo Hoo!!


Slow down, speed racer!

Ever since I was a youngen I was told “hurry up”, “let’s go!” and other things to discourage normal childhood dawdling. I fear this is getting worse in our society. Our addiction to “stuff” and thus the need to overwork to pay for our habits and so on. Well, I had a big epiphany on Mother’s Day…

I have to praise my husband for the amazing and wonderful day that he planned to celebrate my motherhood. Our little one woke up around 6am and usually I’m the one that gets up with her because he tends to go to sleep a bit (<– exaggeration) later than me. Well, this morning, he promptly got up with her and started making my favorite breakfast. Savory crepes! MMMMMM! I’ve been weaning myself off of certain foods because of my 30 Day Elimination Challenge that’s coming up (tomorrow)! He made sure to separate the foods I’m staying away from.

Then, after a bit of relaxing and doing a coffee enema, (I know… it sounds a lot worse than they are and they’re super good for your body!) we headed up into the hills and soaked up the sun and got a lot of fresh air. It was DELIGHTFUL!! I stated right then and there, I want to sell our home, buy a small mobile home and travel for a year around the US and live outdoors. The more and more we talked about it we came to a really awesome plan, which I will divulge at a later date.

Anyway, being outside like this with my shoes and socks off (which led to my little girl also doing the same- we had some pretty dirty feet but who cares!) and grounding into the earth. I know how important it is to slow down! With everything (thinking, eating, walking, driving, talking)! It’s a very hard adjustment, especially having a toddler and getting to work on time with the busy morning routine. However, I don’t want her to grow up constantly being rushed, which ultimately leads to her doing the same in her adulthood and to her children in a vicious cycle. This stress is so unhealthy to our body and relationships and I know it needs to stop with us for her sake. So this is my plan:


  1. Prepare our meals the night before we have to work so it’s easy grab and go.
    1. we have  a lot of Pyrex containers that we already use to store our meals for the day, yet I usually prepare it the morning of
    2. Place any supplements into a jar and have it ready to go for the next day
    3. Fill my water bottle so it’s ready
  2. Pick out clothes for the next day and have them set out.
    1. My job is pretty easy when it comes to what to wear, being I work in scrubs, yet still I take time matching and so forth, and my daughter can be fickle about what she wants to wear so I’ll set out two choices of shirts for her to choose from
  3. Pack my bag
    1. I usually bring a book or paperwork that needs to be filled out so I’ll get that in my bag the night before in a folder and a charger for my iPad, if needed
    2. Pack my water in my bag
  4. For digestion sake, chew your food
    1. I know I’ve talked about this before, yet it bares repeating. We shovel food down in our quick attempt to fuel up, when instead, this decreases our body’s energy (has to work harder to break the food down into small enough pieces)
  5. Breathe
    1. We tend to forget that we need to consciously breathe throughout the day to keep our cortisol levels down (stress hormone) so make little reminders in what ever way helps you. (sticky note, every time you stop at a light or stop sign, whenever your phone rings/tings)
  6. Driving
    1. I’m the type of person who is on a mission when I’m in my car. Car in front of me going 5 under the speed limit, no problem, pass em! AND I look in my rearview mirror to make sure I’m not going to slow for the person behind me… Just writing that, makes me annoyed with myself.

Those are just some suggestions! Things I’m going to try to implement. Do you have any other ideas to slow down? Are you the type that is go-go-go? How can you change this mentality?

Are you up to the challenge?

So lately, I have noticed some not so pleasant symptoms in my wonderful body.

  1. My right wrist pain has come back
  2. I’ve been feeling a bit tired lately, but sleeping pretty great
  3. Burpy
  4. I can’t seem to get rid of my mummy tummbly

These all add up to my body, graciously telling me something isn’t quite right with what I’m doing, which means I need to make a change. Really, I haven’t been super strict with my diet, although it’s waaaaaay better than the standard American diet (SAD). Yet, when your body is giving you signs like the ones I listed above, or any annoying others, your body is crying out to make a change before it’s too late (think cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.).

Now, I’ve tried many different diets and cleanses and so on and so forth. I know what I need to do and I am going to do it. However, I need some accountability, just like the rest of us, so I’m posing a challenge for you, my beautiful and friendly reader. Next Wednesday, May 11, I am going to start an elimination diet for 14 days, 30 days (you can start at any time though). Now, if you do this, and I am praying that you do this with me, to at least stick to it for 14 days. Once, this adventure is done, I am going to add in one of the foods I took out every 4 days. During this whole time, I will be keeping a food journal. This will include how I feel throughout the day, a picture of my meal, and the time I eat. Sounds like some work, but it will have a huge pay off at the end because I will be able to pinpoint what it is that’s causing my symptoms and be empowered to choose whether the offending food is worth adding back in for good. You with me still??

“What foods,” you are probably asking… well this is the clencher… they are going to be foods that are our society’s main foods or found in a lot of items, or what I like to call “unfood” (processed foods really aren’t food).

Think of it like this, if someone were to poke you on your arm with their finger throughout the day, day after day, you can imagine how annoyed or stressed that would make you, right? Well,  this is what it’s like to eat a food or multiple foods that you are sensitive to. It won’t kill you quickly like an allergy from anaphylaxis, yet, it causes A LOT of stress on the body and will eventually lead to leaky gut and inflammation, which leads to a list of other annoyances.

“(Whatever the health concerns, whether for a loved one or yourself, the answer is often found in one’s diet and metabolism (and how the body reacts to food) and one’s immune system’s function. The more inflamed a person is, meaning the more symptoms a person may have such as: sugar cravings, bloating, gas, diarrhea, irritable bowel, mood swings, irritability, skin eruptions, eczema, chronic fatigue, aches and pains, fibromyalgia, diabetes, headache, migraine, seasonal allergies, food allergies, food sensitivities, PMS, environmental sensitivities, ADD, ADHD, OCD, Asperger’s syndrome, autism, chronic ear infections, hives, chronic sinusitis, autism, hypothyroidism, lyme disease…”

Any of these symptoms sound familiar??

Top allergenic foods:

  1. Soy
  2. Milk
  3. Gluten (wheat, rye, spelt, barley, bulgur, etc click here for more)
  4. Corn
  5. Vegetable oils
  6. Peanuts
  7. Nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans,etc)
  8. Eggs
  9. Nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, potatoes –yams and sweet potatoes are fine)
  10. Alcohol
  11. Sugars (glucose/dextrose, brown rice syrup, stevia herb)
  12. Seafood/fish
  13. Any food(s) you think may be effecting you in any way

Now, I’ve taken some of these foods out of my diet, like dairy and wheat, for a while now so those will be easy peasy. The difficult things will be corn because I LOVE popcorn! Eggs will be hard too… but the whole point of this experiment is to really tune into what my body is having a hard time with. It’s about not feeling drained all the time. This is only for a few weeks and in the scheme of things, what’s a few weeks compared to the rest of your life if you’re constantly in pain, tired, dragging throughout the day, cranky…? I’m like you, I want to have super amazing stamina and zero brain farts and happy! Let’s do this together! I’ve created a Facebook group and if you are interested in joining me, please do! The more the better! I will be adding recipes for the week and any ideas that may help us both/all achieve the greatest feeling of achievement and feeling great!

But rather than focus on what to avoid, because really, who likes to hear you can’t have someting? Let’s focus on foods we can discover are delicious and full of vitality… and who doesn’t like new and good?

Foods to enjoy and tips before starting:


Make a plan for the week. I’m not much for planning my meals for the week, I would rather follow my belly to the decision of what to eat so I will stock up on nourishing foods (see list above). If you are more apt to stick with this by making a meal plan for the whole time then go for it! Find recipes that will fit into your journey with ease.

Make simple meals. Don’t go crazy trying to recreate every meal you have. Eat a meal of just chicken and steamed broccoli with coconut oil on top and herbs and sea salt. I think it’s important to have a good favorite recipe that you can try to fit into your healthy food, so you won’t slip. For me, this is pizza! And I have an awesome recipe for that (nomato sauce and crust -sub apple cider vinegar for the lemon juice, and for cheese I toss on some nutritional yeast)! It does take more work, so when I find a recipe that I love, I hold on to it. Then when I make it, I make extras to freeze.

Buy things that you will enjoy eating and fit into the criteria and what you know will make you happy, flourish, energized. Give away food that you won’t use. You can do this by either donating to a food bank or bringing it to work and passing it off to someone who isn’t joining in on this experience.

Relax! This is a biggie! When we take foods out of our system, which were stressing our body, it allows us to detox our system and allows for healing. Detox systems may come on (migraines, fatigue, crankiness, etc- but shouldn’t last long). That being said, you will want to keep yourself rested up and don’t over extend yourself. Take a walk, read a book, watch a movie (Warning: sometimes food comes on the TV and it may cause you to want to throw in the towel, so be careful with this), take a bath, get a massage, take a sauna, play games with family/friends, take a nap if you feel tired, get to bed at before 10pm!

Start a journal from day 1 to track your mood and symptoms. This is such an amazing way to see your progress and for as tough as this might get, you’ll want to SEE the progress!

Join the group! This isn’t going to be easy, BUT it will be totally worth it! I promise!!! Join me on our journey to health by going to our Facebook group! This is where we can ask questions, cheer each other on, and support each other when things get tough! It’s never to late to turn your health and happiness around!! What are you waiting for?