Slow down, speed racer!

Ever since I was a youngen I was told “hurry up”, “let’s go!” and other things to discourage normal childhood dawdling. I fear this is getting worse in our society. Our addiction to “stuff” and thus the need to overwork to pay for our habits and so on. Well, I had a big epiphany on Mother’s Day…

I have to praise my husband for the amazing and wonderful day that he planned to celebrate my motherhood. Our little one woke up around 6am and usually I’m the one that gets up with her because he tends to go to sleep a bit (<– exaggeration) later than me. Well, this morning, he promptly got up with her and started making my favorite breakfast. Savory crepes! MMMMMM! I’ve been weaning myself off of certain foods because of my 30 Day Elimination Challenge that’s coming up (tomorrow)! He made sure to separate the foods I’m staying away from.

Then, after a bit of relaxing and doing a coffee enema, (I know… it sounds a lot worse than they are and they’re super good for your body!) we headed up into the hills and soaked up the sun and got a lot of fresh air. It was DELIGHTFUL!! I stated right then and there, I want to sell our home, buy a small mobile home and travel for a year around the US and live outdoors. The more and more we talked about it we came to a really awesome plan, which I will divulge at a later date.

Anyway, being outside like this with my shoes and socks off (which led to my little girl also doing the same- we had some pretty dirty feet but who cares!) and grounding into the earth. I know how important it is to slow down! With everything (thinking, eating, walking, driving, talking)! It’s a very hard adjustment, especially having a toddler and getting to work on time with the busy morning routine. However, I don’t want her to grow up constantly being rushed, which ultimately leads to her doing the same in her adulthood and to her children in a vicious cycle. This stress is so unhealthy to our body and relationships and I know it needs to stop with us for her sake. So this is my plan:


  1. Prepare our meals the night before we have to work so it’s easy grab and go.
    1. we have  a lot of Pyrex containers that we already use to store our meals for the day, yet I usually prepare it the morning of
    2. Place any supplements into a jar and have it ready to go for the next day
    3. Fill my water bottle so it’s ready
  2. Pick out clothes for the next day and have them set out.
    1. My job is pretty easy when it comes to what to wear, being I work in scrubs, yet still I take time matching and so forth, and my daughter can be fickle about what she wants to wear so I’ll set out two choices of shirts for her to choose from
  3. Pack my bag
    1. I usually bring a book or paperwork that needs to be filled out so I’ll get that in my bag the night before in a folder and a charger for my iPad, if needed
    2. Pack my water in my bag
  4. For digestion sake, chew your food
    1. I know I’ve talked about this before, yet it bares repeating. We shovel food down in our quick attempt to fuel up, when instead, this decreases our body’s energy (has to work harder to break the food down into small enough pieces)
  5. Breathe
    1. We tend to forget that we need to consciously breathe throughout the day to keep our cortisol levels down (stress hormone) so make little reminders in what ever way helps you. (sticky note, every time you stop at a light or stop sign, whenever your phone rings/tings)
  6. Driving
    1. I’m the type of person who is on a mission when I’m in my car. Car in front of me going 5 under the speed limit, no problem, pass em! AND I look in my rearview mirror to make sure I’m not going to slow for the person behind me… Just writing that, makes me annoyed with myself.

Those are just some suggestions! Things I’m going to try to implement. Do you have any other ideas to slow down? Are you the type that is go-go-go? How can you change this mentality?

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