Oh my stars, children are the best!

Ah, to be young again. Aren’t children are such amazing creatures! They are so impressionable, and full of excitement and awe, and open! This Wednesday, I had the honor of going to a daycare to teach kiddos about healthy snacks. We made “Where’s the Fruit Smoothie” and we talked about how important it is to thoroughly chew food, even smoothies. Our stomachs don’t have teeth, so if we miss out on chewing up our food properly it can lead to drained energy, stomachache, leaky gut, food sensitivities or allergies, and over eating, which then leads to weight gain and liver congestion.

When I arrived, I was greeted by 3 tots, one 4 year old and two babies… and the sitter of course! They were all bright-eyed and ready to learn. I rolled up my sleeves, washed up, and stood at the table where each little person sat watching and engaged. For each item, I explained the value of why I chose it for the smoothie. Then, I handed a part of it to one of them so they stayed active in the process. The eldest boy was so precious! He would pipe up about the items I threw in. “Yum! I love cucumbers! Ooooo, blueberries!”

Now, I’m used to teaching adults, which I love, but this was so rewarding to see their reaction. For this first snack, I decided on a smoothie. The little boy only said once, “Eeww, beets!” At first, I thought… Crap! He saw it go in, now he’s not going to eat it. Well, thankfully, that was not his reaction. He ate two smoothies and started on another before I headed out! The chewing part didn’t really happen much, but he’ll get there… Hopefully some day.

The sitter and I have decided to do another snack day in a couple of weeks. I’m so excited to do this again! I’m concocting a recipe for our next session. It’s important to me to keep my snacks free from common allergens (dairy, corn, sugars, chemicals, pesticides, wheat/gluten, peanuts, soy, etc.). Yet, more importantly, they are what the body craves: high amounts of nutrients, minerals and vitamins from organic and local sources (if available). These foods allow your body to get important nutrients to build a lean and thriving body. I do this by using lots of vegetables and low sugar fruits (too many fruits or sugars lead to many undesirable side effects which lead to disease. Think diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia/Alzheimer’s, ADHD, etc).

I’m looking forward to the next snack time! I can’t wait to see their reactions! It reminds me of the scene on The Wedding Singer, when the little old lady tells Adam Sandler’s character to eat his payment of meatballs for teaching her to sing. She watches in anticipation because seeing his reaction to her creation is her favorite part. It’s one of my favorite parts, too.


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