“Today you are you! That is truer than true…

image…Happy birthday to me!”

Most people say that they dread getting any older than 29. I’m sure I’ve said it at least once before. And I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the line, “getting old sucks” or “try not to get old” at my job at the hospital. Unfortunately, most of these people are overweight and obviously not taking care of themselves, what do they expect? Your body can only handle so much abuse before it starts reacting by giving off signs that something needs to change and usually nothing does other than an additional pill to their daily routine. My reply to these comments is usually, “well it beats the alternative.”

This year, for some reason, I feel great gratitude to be a three years older than 29. And I am a big believer in aging gracefully. I can’t guarantee that I won’t be the old woman who dies her hair until she’s 60, which I don’t think I will, but I definitely won’t be buying into the facial creams that actually dry your skin and cause more wrinkles or more extreme, plastic surgery. I’m not judging those who have decided to go that route! I’m just speaking what’s best for me and I’m happy that instead of saying, ehhhh another year past my twenties, I have gratitude and pride for another year to grow and prosper!

So, what to do on my birthday. “My day of all days!” (Had to quote Dr. Seuss) Well, every summer I lived at the pool when I was young. I looked like a Barbie kid doll, super tan with bleached blond hair and when I got older I could live at the lake and be happy as a clam. Since being a mom, I’ve only gone to the lake once, maybe twice in the last four years and that is what I’m doing. I was just planning on going by myself because everyone is working, but my awesome best bud switched her sought after day shift for the less preferred late shift to get today off. How special I feel!!

After working out and breakfast, we are borrowing kayaks to take to the lake and going swimming. We’ll have a little picnic and then come back home and eat a great meal (my request to my hubby is homemade sushi) and the amazing looking strawberry and banana cream pie he made for me yesterday. Maybe finish out the day watching a family movie or have a fire pit outside. I’m already anticipating the amazing day I will have with my loved ones regardless of what actually happens. Pictures to come (and recipes).


I hope you enjoy one of the last days of June!

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