Good day, friends! I have been recharged! Why? Because we finally were able to take a camping trip last weekend with the family! I can’t even count how many times I’ve been camping each summer when I was a child. My parents started us off on this tradition very young. One story that I’ve heard over the years on many occasions, was how when I was little I pooped on one of the playground toys. My family would take us all around in Canada and NoDak and SoDak. We were pretty lucky to have such wonderful experiences as these. I have pictures of us feeding chipmunks potato chips and sitting around the campfire, fishing, etc. I honestly can’t recall a bad memory from these excursions.

I don’t know about you, but summer has been going at light speeds! I can’t believe that it’s almost August!! Doesn’t seem fair! Anyway, I finally took my family camping this past weekend and I want to go again this weekend. Unfortunately, I work late on Friday and Saturday we have a family event in town and then I work on Sunday. The weekend after, I am going to be away from my little one for 3 whole days!! It’s going to be weird, but I think it will only prepare me for the long week for my mom’s birthday trip in December and then another long 18 days when we go to get our adopted child sometime next year. It’s all about baby steps!

As you all know, health is my priority when it comes to raising my daughter and my family. Sometimes, I feel like because of this, she misses out on cultural traditions. I decided that our camping trip would not be like this. We were able to accomplish this by, drum-roll please…. making my own S’mores for camping! What kid doesn’t get s’mores when they go camping? One of my less desirable memories of when I was camping as a child was when my dad and brother and I went camping and ate a lot of s’mores, then ran around in the woods playing hide and seek. The next day, was not so fun. Apparently, I ate too many s’mores and got so sick that when we made it to Reptile Gardens I ran to the bathroom to only discover that I waited too long and vomited in the bathroom about 2 feet away from the toilet. I was so embarrassed that when a concerned lady asked if I was okay, I ran out of the bathroom and was given a 7up from my dad to help calm my stomach.

Gratefully, none of us over ate the s’mores and we all felt great the next day and filled up on a vegan frittata. My daughter was pretty hesitant to try it, but when she finally did she was pleasantly surprised at how great it tasted. I was too! It was actually a hit with all of us. My husband and I decided to try it with Majestic Garlic spread, which I tried to make as soon as I got home because it is to die for! Unfortunately, I don’t know their trick because it is WAY too spicy and theirs you can’t really tell that it’s garlic, let alone raw garlic. Anyway, the addition of the spread on the frittata was delicious! Wanna test them out? Look below to try em and let me know what you think  🙂 Until next time…

My Camping Recipes: 

Stevia Sweetened Marshmallows – can’t roast these but you can get them soft enough to melt a bit
Graham Crackers (I used brown rice syrup instead of honey and molasses to cut down on fructose)
Chocolate ganache – 1/2 cup cacao, 1 cup coconut oil, stevia to taste (I also added some YL peppermint essential oil)
Vegan Frittata – I’m avoiding eggs because of the reaction I got from them so this was a yummy sub

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