A love letter to my body

Unfortunately, our society is too focused on beauty. And too often, it takes a higher priority over more important things like intelligence, demeanor, work ethic, etc. It’s something that I want my daughter and future child to be less concerned about. I know I’m guilty of complimenting my child’s physical appearance more than I should, which I’m not saying should never happen. I just feel like there needs to be more compliments regarding a persons personality rather than looks, like, “I love how gentle you are when you play with other kids or animals,” or “I love your unique style when you pick out your clothes,” or “I enjoy watching you figure out how to put that puzzle together by really looking at your options.” I read a great article about other ways you can compliment your child without focusing on looks. You can read more ideas from that article here.

With myself, I have struggled on body image. I’ve always been small and skinny, and I’m not saying that I’m fat. It’s silly, because I know people who are unable to walk or I think of people who have missing limbs or are blind or deaf, yet I’m irritated that I can’t lose my mama tummy, despite working out and eating pretty well. Well, stressing out about it and being constantly irritated about it is a huge part of it not going away. I know this, yet for some reason this realization doesn’t seem to help. My health coach thought it would be a good idea for me to write a love letter to my body, to help me forget that this little baby belly is not really that important and to relieve some stress about it. So here’s my plan. I’m going to write it out on here and whenever I’m feeling down about it, I’m going to read it.

So here goes…

Dear Tarin’s body,

Thank you for everything that you do! You are a beautiful system that has led me to great things from all the activities I’m able to do to more complex things like digestion and blood flow and thinking, etc. I love that you will tell me when I’m not treating you with the respect you deserve. I know that with great care, you will take me to more amazing opportunities and experiences. I know that when I eat whole foods that nourish my body, I feel vibrant and energized. When I exercise and move, I feel strength and achievement. When I step outside, even in the cold, the fresh air invigorates me. When I’m with those that I love, my spirit is uplifted. Thank you for allowing me to give birth with ease and fulfillment to an amazing little girl who is the light of my life and a beautiful spirit as well. Thank you for your patience and encouragement when I want to give up on myself by reminding myself that I deserve greatness. Thank you for all of my working body parts from each organ and system down to each healthy cell. Thank you body for getting rid of the waste and toxins that you are able to rid myself of every single day. The work that you do every second of every day is greatly appreciated! The beauty of my body, is that it is mine and it works with grace. I know if I continue to love myself and am grateful for all that my body does, it will continue to work at optimal levels so I can continue to have energy to play with my loved ones, my children and in the distant future, my grandchildren. Every microscopic inch contains it’s own beauty in many ways and that is the only beauty I need and desire.

With great respect, admiration and love,

I know this might seem silly to write, but I feel great power from it already. And nothing can really be silly if it has great power, especially if it is healing. I hope that it inspires you to do the same. I hope you know that you are beautiful in the most important ways! I hope that you love yourself and know that you deserve to be happy and healthy, energized and abundant.

I’ll leave my post end here with a nourishing recipe of Thai-Style Chicken Soup with Lemongrass and Coconut Milk [Tom Kha Gai] that when and if you decide to treat your body with it, it will thank you. Lot’s of love, your Ally 4 Health- Tarin


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