Over $2000 in savings!

August 24 was the day that I decided, “I’m going to try meal planning!” I have done this years ago and I remember it working well, so I’m not sure why I gave up on it. Probably out of shear laziness. The reason for this implementation are of a few reasons. First, I’ve been working longer hours more so it’s always a struggle figuring out what to make for dinner or I get home at 6 and am irritated that supper is not done because I don’t like eating late (this is hard on your body- if you sleep with a full tummy, you’re body isn’t going to be able to focus on what it needs to during this time… detoxing and healing. Rather, it’s mainly digesting your food so you wake up feeling less rested). Second, this will help with budgeting/saving money for things we really need, rather than wasting food. Food is something that I will not sacrifice when it comes to quality. Food is our fuel! If we have the mentality that food is too expensive, then, I’m sorry but that needs to change. Before you make any choice about what you want to put into your body, think of this… “Where did this come from, where did it grow, what was used to help it grow, how was it treated?” This may seem silly, but it will help you decide if it’s something that is worth your body’s energy to process. Another good question, is how much sugar or other added ingredients are in it? Hopefully, you focus on more whole vegetables, organic and humanly raised meats/animal products, fruits, nuts/seeds because these foods won’t have a list of ingredients, hopefully. If not, though, read all the ingredients on the package to make sure you know what they are. If you can’t pronounce them or don’t know what they are, let alone if they are safe, please, PUT IT BACK ON THE SHELF. You deserve better!

Unfortunately, this believe of spending more on food to feel better or “Pay the farmer now and not the doctor later” hasn’t set in around in the country I live it. The USA shows that our general population spends on the low scale, yet has an increase on medical procedures/hospital stays, which this chart shows how medical care has increased in prices by almost 12% in 2014. I know as much as anyone else, that we are living in a time that money is tight. My best advice to you all is to budget, which includes every single thing that you have spent money on in the past and what you need to put money toward for anything you have coming up in the future. But more importantly, the time we spend here on earth should be enjoyed and feeling vibrant. Don’t sacrifice your health and wellbeing because something as integral as food, nourishment, vitality costs money. Build your body up by fueling it with real, delicious foods that will make you feel vibrant. You can look at food and know just by the way it looks, smells, etc that it will either make you sick or give you energy. Eating amazing and healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive, and in fact it really isn’t, if you compare the costs. Plus, those less healthy foods don’t have the nutrients and mineral your body NEEDS/CRAVES so you will be eating less.

Back to the meal planning, I’ve been doing this for 16 days now and I LOVE it! Why? Because it solved the two problems I indicated above. Not only does it allow for early meals and no debate between my husband and I about what we are having for supper, but we have saved so much money! When my family decided to implement a budget- a strict budget, we still went OVER our $125 weekly grocery budget, but now, most of the time, we are spending $90 a week. That may not seem like a lot to some, but add that up over a year and that’s saving $1870, plus what we were over which was usually $10-15 more which is about an extra $70-800 a year, so about $2600 we could be putting toward bills, adoption costs, savings, etc.

We also, have four envelopes that we keep on our fridge. We have one for groceries $125, gas $20, $20 for savings, and $10 for dog food. Everything else, our money goes to bills. I get paid every other Thursday and my husband gets paid the opposite week on Friday. These days are when we place the allotted amounts of cash in each envelope and then do our shopping. The day before the next pay checks come in, I place any left over money in a savings account, so far I have been able to save at least $30 each week on top of the already $20 we planned. I also, wrote out in order by due dates for all bills and necessary expenses on a sheet of paper for two months at a time.  When a bill comes in I will write out the amount and the due date in wet erase marker after slipping the paper into a see through plastic sheath. Once the bill has been paid, I cross it off, again with the wet erase marker. This helps with making sure we don’t go over our balance and keeps us prepared on what is coming up.

I hope that this inspires you to budget and spend your money wisely on every purchase and that especially includes food.

So here is to a new, healthier, vibrant us! Let’s kick this off with a delicious, yummy recipe to inspire you to loving yourself and your loved ones By nourishing each of us with energizing delicious food!

If you have any money saving tips, please let me know!



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