Decide to see the beauty

Last weekend, we held another adoption fundraiser. We are blessed with such a wonderful group of people who donated baked goods to sell at a well known and large annual yard sale. I originally got a venue spot at a home from a coworker who knows of a couple who were out of town. There wasn’t much traffic at this spot so I moved the full table by myself, bit by bit to face the busy street. Every time a person came near, I engaged with them by saying hi and smiling and asking how their day was going. One woman who came by and bought something came back a minute later and asked if I was having much luck in my spot. I told her, “No, not really.” Then, she was on a mission. She said she would ask if I could set up across the street on a heavy traffic spot area, where someone she knew was set up. Moments later, a group of very polite and strong men, came to help me move. This spot was prime! I was able to get a lot more sales! This experience reaffirmed my confidence in humanity. I know there are bad things that happen, but there is so much good! This proves it!

Unfortunately, we have a lot left over from the bake sale and didn’t make as much as I had hoped. Instead of being negative though, I turned it around. We still made $200, plus we have another fundraiser coming up in November and can use the left over goodies for desserts. Don’t worry, we put them in the freezer, so it won’t be rotted muffins and cookies and so forth.

After the bake sale, I had a baby shower to attend for a sweet co-worker, friend and after that we went to ¿Que Pasa? to hang out with my work buddies. Now, my day started off early and I ended up not eating anything until noon when I brought my little one home for lunch then a nap, which I was able to enjoy, as well. Hooray, for naps! As soon as I woke up, I got ready to go to the baby shower and was able to catch a ride with my best bud. We had planned on hanging out that night, but I planned on going home after the shower to eat a bit and then head over to my friends house to get some much needed girl time with her. Instead, we went out with the girls and I’m so grateful that I did! Some of these girls, I haven’t been able to really talk to outside of work for almost a year. I’m trying to stick to my budget so I just had water with the girls out. Plus, I had to work early the next morning so I opted out of the drinks. Food kept wafting by me and my hunger increased but I was fine. I knew my money was going where it needs to AND I had a great time even though I just drank water. Bonus: I felt great the next day and didn’t have any guilt about eating any GMO foods at the restaurant. Instead, I got to enjoy the quesadilla my husband made for me when I finally got home around 8:30pm.

Right before I left, one of the girls stated how horrible the world is now and I understand how she feels. Like the last post, I mentioned how I don’t watch the news because all they focus on is the negative and instill fear. But, you think back to biblical times, and probably even before that, how messed up the world was then also. There are always going to be negative/bad things happen, but it’s how we handle it that matters. The more you buy into negativity, the more negativity you are going to get back. I know this is easier said than done. I used to be depressed, heck- I used to be on anti-depressants! I know that may not seem like a big deal, but it is to me. I HATE being on any prescription medication because of how unnatural it is for the body-all those side effects and fact that all they really do is cover up the symptoms or what many people say, it’s just a band-aide for the real, underlying problem. I totally agree, however, there are times and a place when a person needs a quick band-aide to help them get back to health faster. The girl that brought up how horrible the world is, mentioned that’s one of the reasons she doesn’t want children. That and because she has been so depressed for so long. I know people who have been so depressed they tried to commit suicide and since they have change their lifestyle with the staples, which feed a persons soul (movement, spiritual practice-not necessarily religion, nutrition, career, and relationships) she was able to get completely off of medications. And I have too, although my depression, thankfully, never got to that point.

I know how crappy things seem these days, but there is SOOOOO much amazing, good things too! All we can do is what we are capable of. Pick something that you’re passionate about and do all you can to make sure you are using it to help. Stop watching the news and start looking at positive quotes and mantras. Find a group of people that are like minded and create lasting relationships with them so you have your clan. A group of people who you can talk to about anything. We are all love and capable of creating a world that is a bit brighter and happier than it was just a minute ago. If you see someone in need of a little bit of help, do it! If you need help, ask! There are so many big-hearted people who would love to help you out! Start replacing negative thoughts about yourself and others with something good.

img_4284To inspire your love for yourself, others and humanity, I decided to make up this recipe- Heart and Soul Meatloaf

And to get the full loving benefit, you can sing this song while you make it …it’s a song from my church, which I am so excited to finally go back to this Sunday! It’s been such a crazy few months!

“I love myself so much,
So I can love you so much.
So you can love you so much…
So you can start loving me…” and repeat until you can’t sing anymore

With love from me to you!

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