Our healthy Halloween

I love Halloween! I used to wish when I was a kid that my birthday was on Halloween, I guess what kid didn’t have that same wish. I love everything about it- when I was a child of course it was the dressing up, being scared, and, of course, the sugar laden candy. My brother and I would go running around the town with our friends collecting as much as we could and then sort our candy when we got home. The little plastic pumpkin would, too quickly, be emptied by the whole family. Generally, my brother and I would trade each other for our favorites- mine were Twix, peanut butter cups, and snickers and for some reason I can’t recall which were my brothers favorites. This, on top of the other normal eating habits of our society, it eventually lead to my migraine headaches, acid reflux,  stomach pains, and embarrassing acne, which appeared in middle school. I don’t want my daughter to deal with the same issues or worse, so we do things a bit different in my house.

Wellness Mama, wrote a wonderful blog post about alternatives for GIVING out a list of things instead of candy. However, what do you do when you want your children to enjoy the fun of trick-or-treating experience, yet avoid all of the nasty side-effects of the candy which are full of GMO’s and sugar and artificial junk that most of the population hands out? This is what we do with our daughter…

Now, my daughter is only 3, but we don’t want her to feel deprived of the American traditions, so instead of just opting out on the Halloween experience, we all dress up and join in on the whole trick-or-treating experience. The catch is, when we get home, we have her trade out her candy for other items. Last year we just traded her out for healthy homemade cookies, grapes and little oranges/cuties (which we ended up handing out last year with markered on faces to look like mini pumpkins). When I was a trick-or-treater, to this day, I still remember getting penny’s from the same house, year after year and I LOVED it! It’s easy and kids love getting money, even if it’s 10cents. Again, for other ideas, check out Wellness Mamas post to get more creative ideas. Maybe soon, we won’t have to trade out all of my daughters candy for healthier options. (Actually, next year I am planning a group Halloween party that will have only organic treats, plus fun activities for anyone who would like to bring their children through the Black Hills Mom’s Across America group.)

Click here for the recipe of the week, my very own Stevia Sweetened Pumpkin Spice Cookies. Don’t forget the Breadroot Co-op has beautiful pie pumpkins and other local squash available now! And don’t throw out the seeds, as they are wonderful for killing parasites and high in magnesium, zinc, and more. Recipe to make some yummy seeds, click here. You can read more of the benefits here.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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