Just hangin’ out here on my soap box…

I am not going to spout off on how every one should choose my favorite candidate because honestly, I don’t know enough to say which candidate I prefer and I don’t believe someone should choose someone without doing research themselves because what I believe may be different from you. Rather, I am here to tell you to vote with your knowledge and gut! Too many times, I have heard,

“If I don’t vote for either the republican or the democratic party, I’m just throwing away my vote.”

This all too common phrase infuriates me!!! Why? Because if you are voting for someone for this sole purpose, you are THROWING AWAY your vote! The reason that we are in the mess of these two lying and manipulative candidates, is because the majority of our population typically tend to vote for one or the other, rather than voting for someone who really aligns with their beliefs, like the independent party or the green party, etc. The fact that there are anywhere between 4-6 candidates on the ballot this year, yet only the two main parties are interviewed at the presidential debates is asinine! How are we supposed to be a well informed population AND really voting for change when we are only hearing the opinions on important issues from less than half of the choices!?

The only way to stop this from happening election after election, is to vote for a different party. If you truly believe that Trump or Hilary is honest and someone who you respect and that you would be honored to lead you, then by all means vote for either one, but I will not in my right consciousness vote for either of them. I wouldn’t be able to sleep with myself knowing I voted for either one of them because I don’t respect what they have said or done as people. I don’t feel like they are the leader we need to make impactful changes and if you don’t either, then PLEASE, don’t vote for them! We definitely need a CHANGE and the more people we have voting for another party, the more we are using our right to vote and choose for an actual change! When the votes are tallied next week and people see that more and more people are choosing to vote for a different party we will inspire others to do the same and we will have more choice and more hope for a better future.

For this weeks recipe, I ran to the Breadroot Co-op for my Halloween inspired homemade “snickers“, which are vegan, grain free and sweetened with dates! Just 4 ingredients necessary (Dates, Lily’s stevia sweetened chocolate chips, coconut oil, nuts (peanuts or almonds) You may get all fancy and put them into molds so they look like candy bars, but for ease I processed the dates and a small amount of water at a time. Once they reached desired consistency, I added the coconut oil and chocolate chips and then the peanuts or almonds at the end and processed until chopped. Then I pressed them into a pyrex container and placed in the refridgerator to harden. Be aware, These are addicting!

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