In a funk? Me too…

I write this blog every week and I’m usually in a wonderful mood and excited about telling my readers what is going great in my life, however, this week is not that case. I feel like everything that I am trying to do has no purpose. I’m scared for our nation, as our next president and, even more scary, his vice president will be leading our country in a couple of months. I’m also upset that despite the fact that we are trying to adopt a child to give them a better life, our fundraising attempts seem futile as they are not well attended. (I’m not saying I’m not grateful for everyone who have been on our journey so far, because we are!) Just frustrating when you spend hours on coordinating an event and planning, only a handful of people show up for the event and your goal for the event has fallen very short. For the last week I have been more sad and disheartened that all of these things have happened.

Today, I wished that I would have taken the day off because all I feel like doing, is sitting on the couch watching movies and binging on gluten free Oreo cookies and ice cream. Is that a bad thing? Heck no! As long as it’s a random occurrence! I am listening to my body and knowing that I am in desperate need of some self-care so that I can move past it and get back to my ol’ self.

Here’s my action plan:

  1. Talk with family and friends to vent – Nothing better than being heard when you need to get things off your chest. I feel so much better when I can do so.
  2. Write out my feelings- this may seem redundant, but this is so powerful to write things down, because unlike talking to someone you trust, you don’t have to feel uninhibited about what you say when you write it down because no one will ever read it, if you prefer.
  3. Get out side- as soon as I did this, I felt sooooo much better! I mean, it’s almost mid November and it’s 70’s out still… but there is no such thing as global warming… ha!
  4. Get more sleep- with the time change, my sleep has been lacking and I know this is one of the big reasons why I’m down and craving gross junk food.
  5. Eat nourishing food – yes, I may grab some healthier versions of junk food, but my overall diet needs to be elimination diet safe.
  6. Play with my family! We have been doing this every night for the past 3 nights and it sure feels good to laugh and goof around together!

No one, unless they are lying, is happy 100% of the time. We need to have bad days, so that we can appreciate the good. Things may seem really gloom at this point, but it will get better. I trust the universe and will get back to my cheery-self, but for now, I am going to embrace this funk that I’m in and take care of myself the best way I know how. Rest, relaxation, and healthyish treats, like my go to snacks I grab from the co-op (Jackson’s sweet potato chips with Majestic Garlic spread- actually, this dip is amazing on almost everything, and their Raw Chocolate Bars made from Oregon or if you’re feeling really adventurous, click this weeks recipe for Easy Gluten-free vegan Oreo cookies.


Picture and recipe courtesy of  Feasting on Fruit  




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