Top 6 Holiday Sugar-free Drinks

My go to beverage is always good ol’ H2O, herbal teas and water kefir with a sprinkle of ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon for my morning probiotic/anti-inflammatory elixir. On special occasions and holidays though, I pull out some favorite drinks. Here are my top choices, other than my regulars, for this holiday season.

  1. Fermented Apple Cider- This is pretty easy and super delicious! If you do it right, it turns out to be a sparkling cider (nonalcoholic). I buy a gallon jug from the Breadroot co-op pour some into a quart sized jar about 3/4 full and then add 1 tablesppon of water kefir. Let it sit for 2 days and voila. This is all optional, you may just buy the large jug and warm it up on the stove top, but I like to use the kefir to eat up most of the sugar found in any juice. You may warm up the fermented apple cider but if it gets too hot you will lose the probiotic properties.
  2. Chocolate Mint Melk- Daiya brand makes this delicious! If I don’t want to make my own I go for this brand, but if I’m opting for my low sugar beverage, I mix one cup of milk of choice into a pot and add 1 tablespoon of cacao powder (I like very dark chocolate, if you don’t you can go for cocoa powder instead) add 1/8 tsp stevia green powder, a dash of salt and a drop of peppermint essential oil (I ONLY recommend using Young living essential oils-please use caution if using any other brand!)
  3. Vegan No-egg nog- Daiya also makes this delicious drink called Holiday Nog
  4. Feeling like a bit of alcohol, try a glass of Sugar-Free Mulled Wine
  5. Chai tea is one of my favs, so when I came across this recipe for a sugar free version I was super excited! Chick here for Rooibos Chai recipe.
  6. This is a delicious way to get in a smoothie and better yet, it’s warm so you aren’t throwing off your body by drinking a super cold drink in the winter. Gingerbread Smoothie.

Please, try these delicious drinks for the season and let me know what you think! Happy holidays!

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