3-6 weeks… We did it in 1!

Last week, if you read my blog post “This is pretty gross…” you would know that we had a parasite scare with my little one. We did what we knew best to kill the bugs and continued on with our life like usual. A couple of days after starting the regimen for the infection, we took her to daycare (the one she has been going to for over 2 years and, of course, when this all started). I told our sitter the situation and that we had herbs to give her while in her care. I gave my kiddo a big hug and kiss and left for work.

An hour or so after, my husband and I got a text stating we need to come and get her and that she wasn’t comfortable having her possibly expose her family. I reassured her that we were treating her and it wasn’t anything she hasn’t already been exposed to if it was contagious and as long as they washed hands after going to the bathroom it would be fine. She still insisted that we get her and to not bring her back until she was cleared free of worms. My husband and I were both really frustrated. He picked her up at daycare and took her to the doctor right away to get a stool sample so we wouldn’t have to miss any more work. The next day, we got our sample and brought it to the lab. I got a call from my husband on Monday (3 days after we took the sample in) and was elated to hear that her stool sample found no evidence of parasites or ova.

When I initially contacted the lab who creates the herbal tincture, we were told to stay on this plan of treatment for 2-6 weeks. I’m curious if the herbs we have been using on my tot has already cleared them up, or if their test is not very reliable. Last week we went to visit Sheila Schielke, DC who tested her positive for parasites and was able to confirm the herbs we were using would work against the invaders. On top of that she adjusted her spine and other areas in need. Today, we again visited her so we could confirm that my daughter was no longer the parasites host. In one week, or less, we confirmed that we killed off the worms woth the help of Dr. Sheila’s gift of chiropractic and muscle testing, herbs, and diet.


this is pretty gross…


My little one has been having bouts of vomiting and constipation for the last month and a half/two months. I didn’t understand why; I kept thinking “She eats super healthy compared to the majority of the population so why all this puking?” My husband and I had missed multiple days of work in this small span of time and it was getting to the point where we were all frustrated.

Initially, we thought it might be because she might not be getting enough water throughout the day or maybe she was sensitive to a certain food she was eating and then three days ago we found out. We knew it was correlated with her not having a bowel movement in the morning, but we couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was that was causing it.

Then, last weekend I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner when my husband yelled from the bathroom to come up there as soon as I could. I put down what I was working on and went into the bathroom. My daughter had only urinated, but there in her little tot toilet was a single, long curved brown “thing” inside. I investigated further and there was the answer we were looking for… a round worm! As gross as that sounds, it made me relieved that we finally knew why she had been having digestive issues recently and I knew how to combat it.

As soon as we all left the bathroom, we started her on a parasite herbal extract. Shortly after, she passed another one in the toilet. I know how nasty this sounds, but the majority of the population has some sort of parasite and it’s important to kill them off. The key is to starve them so it doesn’t become a systemic problem.


Our treatment plan:

  1. Parasite cleanse: We are going the herbal route with ParaGuard. We were advised to use this product for 6 weeks 15 drops/ 3x a day. This stuff has a lot of powerful herbs but, unfortunately, doesn’t taste very good so I have been combining the drops with my little ones multi-vitamin, immune boosting herbs, liquid coconut oil and water kefir.
  2. Adding in anti-parasite foods like garlic, pumpkin seeds, beets, carrots, pomegranate seeds. “In one study, researchers found that a mixture of honey and papaya seeds cleared stools of parasites in 23 out of 30 subjects.” This is definitely something I’m going to try if I can come upon a papaya at this time of year.
  3. Cut out the crap. I think one of the reasons my daughter got this parasite was from eating snow at her babysitters, although it could have been another way like unwashed produce or walking outside barefoot in the summer. I know that our diet had been more lack during the holidays, which included more sugar than any of us are used to. This is propelling us to be even more strict even though we have been way more on track after Christmas. We do eat some healthier versions of chips and so forth, but since finding out we have cut out all of that out of her diet as well. This includes anything that feeds parasites/fungus like corn, beans, processed foods, sugars, yeast, dairy, juice, etc.
  4. Increase the water and fiber. These are important for helping move out the critters.

Now, we are incorporating more vegetables, pumpkin seeds, small amounts of garlic (because my daughter doesn’t like it), fermented vegetables, bone stocks, chia, probiotics. I know we eventually need to cut all fruit but for now we are letting her get used to the idea of cutting out other foods so we are letting her eat fruit with low sugar like berries. Surprisingly, she has been really understanding of this regimen. She was actually the first one to say out loud that it looks like a worm  in her toilet and she is all about killing the worms in her belly.


Raw food all the rage?

About 5 years ago, I really got into the raw food diet. I mean, it makes sense that when food reaches a temperature of 118°F, or greater, there is a decrease in the nutrient profile of the food. Our society is already deficient when it comes to nutrition so why not go raw if it means more nutrients, which lead to increased energy, weight loss, improved skin? Yes, there may be some great benefits when eating a raw diet, however, some people are going a bit overboard and going 100% raw for too long on this diet and there can be some not-so-fun side-effects.

Why I limit raw foods in my diet:

  1. Goitrogenic foods= this includes broccoli, strawberries, soy, cauliflower, greens (except lettuce and herbs), cabbage, etc. These foods, when eaten raw a lot, can have impacts on the endocrine system. This is important because these organs that are within this system control metabolism, sleep, hormones, energy and more.
  2. Bacteria/parasites= when food isn’t cooked properly, you increase the risk of exposing your body to these critters into your body, which can throw you into a whole lot of problems.
  3. Some foods should be cooked to get the most benefits from them. Click here to see which foods are best cooked vs raw.

“Cooking does damage phytochemical content, but cooking also softens the plant matrix (tough cell structure of plants), which helps to release more phytochemical compounds. Thus, depending on the vegetable being cooked, the cooking method, and the phytonutrient compound being studied, cooking can provide greater nutrient availability.”

4. Makes your body cold, especially in the chilly seasons. Cold/raw salads or smoothies are okay to eat every once in a while during the winter, but not every day because they have cooling effects on the body, which again, throw off the body’s endocrine system.

5. May be harder for you to digest. If you have a compromised digestive system (digestive disorder, chronic gas/bloating, less than 3 normal bowel movements per week) then eating a lot of raw foods may increase these problems.

6. The initial benefits you were seeing, may reverse. I am prime example of this. I was raw for about a year and not even 100% and my energy started to deplete, my metabolism started slowing down, I was cold all of the time, and I started getting more moody.

Now, I’m not saying you should never eat raw foods or you should only ever eat tiny amounts. What I am saying is that during the colder months we should eat mostly warm foods/drinks (bone stocks are amazing and herbal teas) if you’re in a cold climate, steam or cook goitrogenic foods the majority of the time to decrease their iodine leaching effects, clean produce well when you decide to eat them raw, and add in fermented foods/drinks/probiotics (these are perfect raw because the fermentation process makes goitrogen properties go away and are easier to digest) especially if you are having any digestive issues and most importantly, listen to your body.

Have you ever tried the raw food diet? What were your experiences with it?

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Baby it’s cold outside…5 Favorite Ways to Warm up

This week has been tough, I’m generally a cold person, but I’m sitting on my couch with blankets, socks and layers on for clothing and I’m still freezing. It doesn’t help that at my job, our vent pumps out fridged air directly at our computer. On top of that, I get to walk all the way from Timbuktu to and from my car for work. I grew up in the northern part of North Dakota (basically Canada) and it sure feels like I’m way up there tonight.

Here are my 5 favorite ways to stay warm during these cold months:

1. Sitting in my infrared sauna.
2. Eat warm foods and drink warm drinks. This also means avoiding cold foods or aiming to eat seasonally. If we eat cold and tropical food, we are going to be cold.
3. Run around and chase each other. This is one of my daughters favorite games. We just run around going back and forth chasing each other. Sometimes our sweet pup will join in.
4. Baths- I try to sauna more to avoid the wasting of water, but occasionally I will take a nice bath with some Epsom salt and essential oils.
5. Cuddles- my little one is a big cuddler and so is my husband so when are feeling lazy, which seems to happen more often in the winter, we layer up and cuddle up on the couch with a warm drink in tow.

How are you dealing with the negative temperatures? What do you do to keep warm?