Baby it’s cold outside…5 Favorite Ways to Warm up

This week has been tough, I’m generally a cold person, but I’m sitting on my couch with blankets, socks and layers on for clothing and I’m still freezing. It doesn’t help that at my job, our vent pumps out fridged air directly at our computer. On top of that, I get to walk all the way from Timbuktu to and from my car for work. I grew up in the northern part of North Dakota (basically Canada) and it sure feels like I’m way up there tonight.

Here are my 5 favorite ways to stay warm during these cold months:

1. Sitting in my infrared sauna.
2. Eat warm foods and drink warm drinks. This also means avoiding cold foods or aiming to eat seasonally. If we eat cold and tropical food, we are going to be cold.
3. Run around and chase each other. This is one of my daughters favorite games. We just run around going back and forth chasing each other. Sometimes our sweet pup will join in.
4. Baths- I try to sauna more to avoid the wasting of water, but occasionally I will take a nice bath with some Epsom salt and essential oils.
5. Cuddles- my little one is a big cuddler and so is my husband so when are feeling lazy, which seems to happen more often in the winter, we layer up and cuddle up on the couch with a warm drink in tow.

How are you dealing with the negative temperatures? What do you do to keep warm?

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