this is pretty gross…


My little one has been having bouts of vomiting and constipation for the last month and a half/two months. I didn’t understand why; I kept thinking “She eats super healthy compared to the majority of the population so why all this puking?” My husband and I had missed multiple days of work in this small span of time and it was getting to the point where we were all frustrated.

Initially, we thought it might be because she might not be getting enough water throughout the day or maybe she was sensitive to a certain food she was eating and then three days ago we found out. We knew it was correlated with her not having a bowel movement in the morning, but we couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was that was causing it.

Then, last weekend I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner when my husband yelled from the bathroom to come up there as soon as I could. I put down what I was working on and went into the bathroom. My daughter had only urinated, but there in her little tot toilet was a single, long curved brown “thing” inside. I investigated further and there was the answer we were looking for… a round worm! As gross as that sounds, it made me relieved that we finally knew why she had been having digestive issues recently and I knew how to combat it.

As soon as we all left the bathroom, we started her on a parasite herbal extract. Shortly after, she passed another one in the toilet. I know how nasty this sounds, but the majority of the population has some sort of parasite and it’s important to kill them off. The key is to starve them so it doesn’t become a systemic problem.


Our treatment plan:

  1. Parasite cleanse: We are going the herbal route with ParaGuard. We were advised to use this product for 6 weeks 15 drops/ 3x a day. This stuff has a lot of powerful herbs but, unfortunately, doesn’t taste very good so I have been combining the drops with my little ones multi-vitamin, immune boosting herbs, liquid coconut oil and water kefir.
  2. Adding in anti-parasite foods like garlic, pumpkin seeds, beets, carrots, pomegranate seeds. “In one study, researchers found that a mixture of honey and papaya seeds cleared stools of parasites in 23 out of 30 subjects.” This is definitely something I’m going to try if I can come upon a papaya at this time of year.
  3. Cut out the crap. I think one of the reasons my daughter got this parasite was from eating snow at her babysitters, although it could have been another way like unwashed produce or walking outside barefoot in the summer. I know that our diet had been more lack during the holidays, which included more sugar than any of us are used to. This is propelling us to be even more strict even though we have been way more on track after Christmas. We do eat some healthier versions of chips and so forth, but since finding out we have cut out all of that out of her diet as well. This includes anything that feeds parasites/fungus like corn, beans, processed foods, sugars, yeast, dairy, juice, etc.
  4. Increase the water and fiber. These are important for helping move out the critters.

Now, we are incorporating more vegetables, pumpkin seeds, small amounts of garlic (because my daughter doesn’t like it), fermented vegetables, bone stocks, chia, probiotics. I know we eventually need to cut all fruit but for now we are letting her get used to the idea of cutting out other foods so we are letting her eat fruit with low sugar like berries. Surprisingly, she has been really understanding of this regimen. She was actually the first one to say out loud that it looks like a worm  in her toilet and she is all about killing the worms in her belly.


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