3-6 weeks… We did it in 1!

Last week, if you read my blog post “This is pretty gross…” you would know that we had a parasite scare with my little one. We did what we knew best to kill the bugs and continued on with our life like usual. A couple of days after starting the regimen for the infection, we took her to daycare (the one she has been going to for over 2 years and, of course, when this all started). I told our sitter the situation and that we had herbs to give her while in her care. I gave my kiddo a big hug and kiss and left for work.

An hour or so after, my husband and I got a text stating we need to come and get her and that she wasn’t comfortable having her possibly expose her family. I reassured her that we were treating her and it wasn’t anything she hasn’t already been exposed to if it was contagious and as long as they washed hands after going to the bathroom it would be fine. She still insisted that we get her and to not bring her back until she was cleared free of worms. My husband and I were both really frustrated. He picked her up at daycare and took her to the doctor right away to get a stool sample so we wouldn’t have to miss any more work. The next day, we got our sample and brought it to the lab. I got a call from my husband on Monday (3 days after we took the sample in) and was elated to hear that her stool sample found no evidence of parasites or ova.

When I initially contacted the lab who creates the herbal tincture, we were told to stay on this plan of treatment for 2-6 weeks. I’m curious if the herbs we have been using on my tot has already cleared them up, or if their test is not very reliable. Last week we went to visit Sheila Schielke, DC who tested her positive for parasites and was able to confirm the herbs we were using would work against the invaders. On top of that she adjusted her spine and other areas in need. Today, we again visited her so we could confirm that my daughter was no longer the parasites host. In one week, or less, we confirmed that we killed off the worms woth the help of Dr. Sheila’s gift of chiropractic and muscle testing, herbs, and diet.


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