Watch out soccer moms…

I finally did it… I turned into soccer mom over night (minus the kiddo entering soccer) because we bought a van! I never thought that I’d be a van mama, not that I have anything against them. I used to drive around in my moms van all the time when I was first driving and before I got my old beat up Chevy Chevette (my little smurf with lots of character). My friends and I would have a blast in that van!
Still, I never imagined I’d ever own one myself, but man am I glad I finally pulled the plug! With my mom moving here in a short time and baby 2 on the way I figured it was a good time. Especially since we found a great deal! We went a year older than my other car and it has more bells and whistles (more than I need really) and lots of space! My husband even likes driving it! I am looking forward to our summer adventures and family trips and the lasting memories we will make in this vehicle. Now, I just pray my other car sells soon! Anyone in the market for a Subaru?
Anyway, that’s all for this week! Hope all of you are well!

My tot has some exciting news…

We made a word scramble from her foam craft supplies to make a cute announcement that…She’s going to be a big sister! For a year, my family struggled with the adoption process and finally decided after failed attempts at fundraising and grant approvals that maybe it wasn’t the best option for our family. Shortly after, we decided to try our hand at just going the old fashion route to procure a second child in our family and got pregnant the first month trying! We were estatic and grateful because it further confirmed our decision to forgo the adoption process.

It’s an unfortunate reality that it is way easier to have a child biologically (in most cases) than it is to adopt a child in need. It shouldn’t be so difficult and expensive to help one of the millions of children in need of a loving home, but its a business like any other with the orphaned children suffering. It took me a while to come to terms with letting go of this dream, at least for now.

For now, I get to focus on this beautiful and amazing baby that’s growing in my body and knowing this is what is meant to be and my family and I couldn’t be happier! When my little one rubs my belly and hugs and kisses the baby, it just melts my heart! The flutters I’ve started to feel makes me elated. I’m soaking up this pregnancy as I’m sure it will ne my last… But then, you never know.


Can we just get rid of this already?

Day light saving time has been around since WWI and since then, it has inspired disdain when this bi-annual phrase is mentioned. When I was younger, it never seemed to really bother me because I would either just go to bed a little earlier or vice versa to counteract the time change. Now that I have a child, I abhor this time of year! It totally messes our family up and it’s something that I wish we would abolish. Why do we find the need to turn back the clock in the fall still and do the opposite in the spring? The reason it was initially started was to decrease electricity use in Germany during the war. We adopted it in the U.S. in 1918 but only lasted a year because farmers didn’t want more daylight hours in the evening. Finally, in 1966 Congress devoted 6 months of standard time and 6 months to daylights savings time… ehhhh and here we are. Research has shown since the 1930s that there really hasn’t been a drastic decrease in energy use and it has actually increased the usage of gasoline. On top of that there are health reasons to abolish this.

“There are also health issues associated with the change. Similar to how jet-lag makes you feel all out of whack, daylight-saving time is like scooting one time zone over for a few months. This can disrupt our sleep, metabolism, mood, stress levels, and other bodily rhythms. One study suggests recovery can take 3 weeks.”

The two smart states (Hawaii and Arizona) opted out of this and it seems that there are a few more states  There are so many people who complain about this time of the year, yet it’s still alive. I am tired and tired of this tradition, so I am going to write all of my congressmen and women to see if we could get this removed. Yes, it may not be a huge issue, but it seems like it would be easy enough for them to accomplish.

South Dakota representatives:


Girls day? Yes, please!

I’m so excited! My mom is coming for a visit tonight for the weekend and we are having a much needed girls day! You need to take care of yourself before you can expect to take care of anyone else, especially when it’s 24/7 care like parenthood or the like. Recently, my self care has taken a back slide and it has become apparent with raising my voice and sometimes yelling at my daughter, which I do not condone or am okay with since we have decided to follow a gentle approach to parenting. Therefore, I’ve been reading more parenting books like “The Conscious Parent” and “Raising Your Spirited Child.” Both books are super enlightening, but most importantly, they are very helpful with being a better parent and really makes sense of what is going on with not only the child, but really why it is that we react in an undesirable manner to our children when they are unable to effectively handle their big feelings.

One of the things that kept coming up is self care and so it was the perfect opportunity for this since my mom is visiting. Tomorrow, we will enjoy a nice breakfast together with my daughter, drop her off at her sitters, second hand shopping, an hour massage, lunch, and a movie. Later, we will have a family dinner and maybe some board games. Sounds like a great day to me! Plus, my husband and I will be getting a date night! Yay!

Are you in need of some self love? What does your perfect day look like.

This couldn’t happen fast enough!

Living off the grid and owning land with a community of like minded people is something that my husband and I have dreamt about for almost a decade. Our idea was to get a few friends and family members together to purchase a plot of land, living off the grid as much as possible and being as independent from any outside source by growing our own food as eco-friendly as possible. Living in the Black Hills, we knew that our dream would some day come true, but we figured our children would be in their double digits before we could attain it since land is expensive here. Whenever you desire something, send your dreams to the universe and it will listen and answer your call! WE have been blessed with meeting a couple who has the same dream as we do. Plus, they have had some experience and training and have started the process to do so in this area!

Everything about our dream is included in their vision, plus more! We will have an eco village to live, child and adult education, many mediums of art in the community, organic/permaculture gardening and farming practices, etc.

“Our Vision is to be in service to our local community and humanity by offering our experience and visions of organizing community plan initiatives for building a harmonic culture of peace and plenty. By building strong and cooperative partnership with one another, we will walk together towards the mutual goal of a world that sustains and supports the highest and best in each and every one of us, bringing True Peace and Love into our hearts and minds.”

As a society we are so disconnected from one an other and it’s really sad. It’s no wonder why there are so many crazy things going on in our world right now. Fortunately, there is hope! When we go back to living the way we were intended to live, in a village or colony who have members who are supporting each other for the greater good for the community and the beyond things will get easier and more peaceful. We have lost so much with the solitary lifestyle that we live today. There is so much struggle and stress, which leads to depression and unhealthy lifestyles and disease. It is unsustainable and unrealistic to think we as a population can continue to live this way and thrive. Instead, we need to work together by raising our children together, learning to protect and nurture our environment for the oofuture generations, and help each other live in a supportive way for all.

Think about all the tribes or villages that used to be or even are up and running today around the world. These community members all help to support each other in ways of cleaning, raising children, food, housing, etc. Today we do it all alone, for the most part and so much suffering and waste stems from this lonely way of living. I love being able to cook and bake the healthiest treats/foods for my family, but I realized that for me to be able to do that on top of all of my other responsibilities, I sacrifice other necessary areas of mine and my family’s lives, therefore, I have been buying more healthy packaged foods which creates more waste and more money. If we had a group to hold some of these responsibilities together, it would be much easier and efficient!

These days, from when a child enters this world they can feel the stresses their parents go through day in and day out from what they are expected at a very young age. Then when that child has their own children they encounter those same stresses their parents did, while struggling through navigating parenthood. If/when this person enters their 50s/60s they get to deal with the loss of their children moving on and if they are lucky enough to be in good health they will get through their next decades. If they don’t have good health, then they are soon shuffled off into old folks homes and all of their wisdom and stories are lost and forgotten. I have never understood this process. I think it’s absolutely horrible and sad that our elderly are treated this way. Getting to this age should be honored and respected (every age should be really) but yet the tendency is to forget about them.

That’s not the way of life I want to live and it’s certainly not one I want my children to live in either. We as a CommUnity are creating a change in our group of people with so many positive impacts and I can’t wait to see our process unfold. We had our first meet up this Monday and will be meeting every month so we can get the process rolling. At this point, we are starting to look for a good piece of land and learning about the zoning laws/restrictions on the areas we are looking.

If you are interested in helping our vision and journey we would love to have you join us by either donating, ideas, building, becoming a member, etc. please, let me know and check out our Facebook group by clicking here. We would love for the support and would love you on our team!  Let’s go back to the way we were meant to live, as one!

Here are some intentional communities that are active right now:
Auroville, City of Dawn, India– started in 1968 with 2,500 people from 49 nations

Serenbe – started in 2004 and has over 400 residents

Twin Oaks, central Virginia- started in 1967 with about 90 adult members and 15 children

Dancing Rabbit– Missouri started 20 years ago with 55 members