Can we just get rid of this already?

Day light saving time has been around since WWI and since then, it has inspired disdain when this bi-annual phrase is mentioned. When I was younger, it never seemed to really bother me because I would either just go to bed a little earlier or vice versa to counteract the time change. Now that I have a child, I abhor this time of year! It totally messes our family up and it’s something that I wish we would abolish. Why do we find the need to turn back the clock in the fall still and do the opposite in the spring? The reason it was initially started was to decrease electricity use in Germany during the war. We adopted it in the U.S. in 1918 but only lasted a year because farmers didn’t want more daylight hours in the evening. Finally, in 1966 Congress devoted 6 months of standard time and 6 months to daylights savings time… ehhhh and here we are. Research has shown since the 1930s that there really hasn’t been a drastic decrease in energy use and it has actually increased the usage of gasoline. On top of that there are health reasons to abolish this.

“There are also health issues associated with the change. Similar to how jet-lag makes you feel all out of whack, daylight-saving time is like scooting one time zone over for a few months. This can disrupt our sleep, metabolism, mood, stress levels, and other bodily rhythms. One study suggests recovery can take 3 weeks.”

The two smart states (Hawaii and Arizona) opted out of this and it seems that there are a few more states  There are so many people who complain about this time of the year, yet it’s still alive. I am tired and tired of this tradition, so I am going to write all of my congressmen and women to see if we could get this removed. Yes, it may not be a huge issue, but it seems like it would be easy enough for them to accomplish.

South Dakota representatives:


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