Watch out soccer moms…

I finally did it… I turned into soccer mom over night (minus the kiddo entering soccer) because we bought a van! I never thought that I’d be a van mama, not that I have anything against them. I used to drive around in my moms van all the time when I was first driving and before I got my old beat up Chevy Chevette (my little smurf with lots of character). My friends and I would have a blast in that van!
Still, I never imagined I’d ever own one myself, but man am I glad I finally pulled the plug! With my mom moving here in a short time and baby 2 on the way I figured it was a good time. Especially since we found a great deal! We went a year older than my other car and it has more bells and whistles (more than I need really) and lots of space! My husband even likes driving it! I am looking forward to our summer adventures and family trips and the lasting memories we will make in this vehicle. Now, I just pray my other car sells soon! Anyone in the market for a Subaru?
Anyway, that’s all for this week! Hope all of you are well!

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