“On the road again…”

I know a couple of months ago, I vowed that I wouldn’t be taking another trip up to visit my mom with my daughter until my brothers graduation. The last trip there was a little rough (which is why I vowed to not go back up), but the way back went great. Well, tomorrow I’m making the trek again. This time the trip will be in my mama van, which has a DVD player and we will be leaving after work, so my hope is that my little one will chow on her pizza and watch a movie and sleep. Hopefully, being pregnant I won’t have to stop every hour to pee… But we’ll see. For the trip, I headed to my favorite food store, the Breadroot Co-op, and loaded up on healthier kinds of junk food… Here they are! Hope you all have an amazing weekend! Wish me luck for a safe and peaceful journey.

1. Lara Bites chocolate mint – these are like a healthier version of a mint brownie
2. Root Chips – yes, these are fried, but they are delicious and better than potato chips
3. Paleo bars- 11-13grams of protein with about half the grams of sugar. Great alternative to a granola bar!
4. Sprouted Beet Hummus – easier to digest because it’s sprouted
5. Vegan ranch flavored chickpeas- I used to eat corn nuts growing up and these are way better and better for you too.
6. Fresh fruit – not junk but necessary to somewhat balance out the others

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