What does community mean to you?

For me, a healthy community is the ability to feel safe and comfortable enough to ask any member of your group for help for any need and then to be there for those in need as well. Unfortunately, we have veered so far from this kind of living and I feel it’s getting worse and worse.

In movies, when someone moves into the neighborhood, the newbies get gifts of welcome, warm smiles and introductions, but not anywhere I have ever moved to. The separation and dog-eat-dog world I feel like I live in is depressing and lonely. In the small development I live it, I barely know my next door neighbors names. Yes, I’m part to blame for this… I remember growing up in a small community of 800 or so people and knowing almost everyone in town, or at least knowing of them.

Not only are we so disconnected from our fellow neighbors, but also to those in our own homes and our environment and food. At least these should be balanced with knowing these areas in our lives are safe and thriving. With increased screen time our relationships are suffering, with convenience foods we are destroying our environment and our health.

So, how do we change this? How do we enrich our lives with more time, less stress, and better relationships? We stop buying into this separation. Turn off the electronics for a while and connect with people in the community. Do something nice for someone in need. Get outside and dig in the dirt and create your own food. Teach someone how to live this way. Learn the names of those who live around you. Come learn how you can become part of something bigger next Monday, May 24 at 7pm at The People’s CommUnity meeting. If you’re from afar, we are doing a Facebook live or come in person at 3117 W Rapid St #5.

With unity and love, we will make amazing and beautiful changes. Let start NOW!

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