Getting out of the house… yay! Plus, Peach Lemonade Smoothie Recipe

Last week, I wrote about getting my daughter out of the house and socializing more. I did it and it’s been working great! Saturday, there was a class for 3-4 year olds at a local outdoor campus. There were 5 other kids there learning how to fish. My family summers were spent fishing off an on throughout my childhood. I learned to bait my line, reel in a catch and clean the fish. I loved all of it. Then I became a teenager and it was much to boring for me. I’ve really been wanting to get back into it and was gifted a new pole from my husband and daughter this last Christmas. When I looked up weekend events, I was so excited to take my LO to this class.

We got there and before we were given a pole, we were taught the parts of the fishing pole, safety and techniques on how to catch a fish. After the small talk, we were given a pole and were shown how to put a worm on the hook. My daughter did not like that! She was grossed out and refused to put them on during the class. Hopefully, that disgust for insects and other squiggly critters goes away soon… Then, I helped her through the steps of casting our line. She did AMAZING!! The first two she did were perfect! We even had a very smart fish nab the worm off the hook within the first few minutes. Again, I tried to get her to put another worm on the hook and she wouldn’t. I did it quick and we went back to casting. Unfortunately, she reeled up the line too much so it kept getting caught on the end and it made her confidence plummet and soon after she was ready to be done fishing.

The next day, we went for a 3.5 hour hike last weekend with my husband and her dad a long for the journey. The whole time, whenever we crossed paths with fellow hikers she had to tell them her name. Then, yesterday, we went to the park and there were a lot of other kids there. I thought maybe the large crowd would overwhelm her, but she left with two new friends who were probable 2 or 3 years older than her. Maybe I’m just reading into it, but I think it has really helped her mood and energy with being out of the house more and around more people. It also helps that the weather on these days has been so beautiful and warm! Gotta love that vitamin D!

Wanna learn a delicious recipe? My tot and I made Peach lemonades at drank them on our deck during the hot Saturday afternoon. I found a really easy recipe online and tweaked it a bit. Take one medium sized peach and half a lemon (peeled and de-seeded) and 2 cups of ice. Throw in some fresh mint and a pinch of stevia and salt! Wahhhlahhh! It was a bit tart with a whole lemon, but half is much better! Enjoy on a beautiful hot and sunny day with a loved one!



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