The time is finally here!!!

Shortly before I turned 14, I had the amazing opportunity to become a big sister again to my baby brother, Christian. As soon as he was born, we were buds. I remember shortly after he came home from the hospital I was in my bedroom during the late evening and he was screaming. My mom and stepdad were trying to calm him and I could tell they were getting frustrated. I tried to help, but they pushed me off. Later, we found out that he had a tongue tie and with a small procedure it was fixed and was finally able to get a good amount of nutrition from breast milk.

During my down times, I would hang out with him and cuddle or play with him. At this time, I’m remembering these precious memories we had together and can’t believe he’s graduating high school! I’m not going to lie, I’m both excited and nervous for him. I feel like he has a lot to learn about life and responsibilities and it may be a rough transition for him once he leaves the roost. He’s smart though, and he’ll figure it out. I just hope it’s not too rough.

This brings me to my most exciting part… my mom will be moving in with us in less than a week!! Today, my daughter and I are heading up to help my mom with some last minute graduation things (like her famous potato salad! yummmmm!! Here’s a similar recipe to hers) and with helping her move. Most of her things are already taken care of so she has decided to give me and my husband some time to ourselves. She will have our daughter with her for 3 days and then she is moving in with us!

Now, I’m sure most of you couldn’t imagine living with your mom/dad or parents again, but we are thrilled! Our daughter is very spirited and we could use some more help. Plus, with our little one anticipated to arrive this fall, we are very blessed and grateful for the help. Plus, it will be beneficial for her as well. Rent is crazy expensive here and I know that it takes a while to meet people, so it’s a great way to acclimate her to the hills. We are such a segregated society… I mean I live in the same city as my dad, one of my sisters, and almost all of my husbands family and we hardly ever see them! This will allow my children to grow up really knowing her grandma, all of her wisdom, and have more support and love.

We understand it will be a transition for all of us, and we know that the main thing to keep things running smooth is communication. We are planning on doing family meetings every two to four weeks just to make sure we keep our relationships strong. SO wish us luck on what will be an awesome experience.

I wish you all a beautiful holiday weekend and thanks to all military personnel and their families for all they do or have done. God bless!


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