Such a proud mama I am, plus, collard wrap recipe

My little one has always been the type to jump around and do tricks on the bed and couch as soon as she was able. Before we moved some furniture downstairs, our house rule was jumping on the couch is okay, as long as the couches are pushed together so she had plenty of room if she did an elaborate trick, which required a lot of space. Now that the couches are separated by a whole floor, she is no longer allowed to jump on the couch for her safety. Yet, we still let her jump on our king sized bed, which is not on a frame it’s just laying on the floor.

I don’t like inhibiting her play, so about a month ago, we decided to see if she would be interested in joining gymnastics. Not only does she love doing tricks and jumping around, I felt it would be good to get her in a group that allows her to have some scheduled interaction with other kids. I feel like this is especially important now since she only hangs out with adults, other than Mondays for her 50 minute gymnastics class.

The first day, my mom and I hauled her off to the gym and were able to view her and her other classmates through a tinted glass toddler area. This area has mats, a trampoline, bars, and more. My mom and I watched with enthusiasm as she was doing each task instructed by the teacher. She was very patient and waited her turn, while the other kids cut their turns and so on. I was beaming the whole 50 minutes, so proud of what she could do, but most of all, because she found pride in herself with each task she was able to complete or attempt. (Not trying to toot her horn, because no she isn’t a child prodigy gymnastics star, but she does really well for her age and for having no prior instruction but mostly, because she’s having fun!) Every day, she is excited to go to gymnastics and more recently, she’s been asking when she gets to go again, even if it’s right after her class. Right now, we are taking it week by week. Before, we had her in swimming lessons last summer, and she didn’t like it. I wish I would have listened to her and took her out right after she expressed her disdain, but I thought it was necessary to keep her in. Now I know, that I should trust her and know not to force anything. I learned that I need to know that at certain times in a child’s life, they will want to learn a task and if they loose interest, move on to the next thing. This will allow them to gain trust in themselves and you. And no matter how long they are engaged in an activity, they got whatever they needed to.

So for now, my little one will attend gymnastics and once she has learned what she wanted from it, we will find something else that she is interested in. This will boost her self confidence and will allow her to thrive.

Summer Meal:
Hummus Collard Wraps – I like to steam my cruciferous veggies (cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower) and wraps (collard greens, kale or Swiss chard) before I load them up. You can follow these ingredients listed in the recipe link to fill the wrap, but the possibilities are endless!

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