Combat the heat and get creative

It has been a crazy hot summer where I live. I know being 30+ weeks pregnant doesn’t help. The heater that I have growing in my belly seems to make it even more intolerable. Not to complain, but summer is usually filled with lots of lake trips and camping and hiking and is typically my favorite time of the year because of all of the outdoors I get to enjoy. Well that really hasn’t been happening since it’s been almost 90 and above days on end for weeks. (Global warming doesn’t exist though… *thick sarcasm*)

With an almost 4 year old and two parents who all get cabin fever, especially after a tantrum, we have been getting creative to challenge our little one and keep everyone sane during these hot days when we aren’t able to handle the heat. Thanks to good ol’ Pinterest, we have found some cool ideas (no pun intended… maybe) and have implemented some of our old traditions, as well.

There’s a great link here that will show you some great kid friendly ideas! Here are a list of our favorites and some that we have tried already:


Keep Cool Ideas for the Hot Summer Days:
1. Caving: When I was little my dad took us to caves to beat the heat. We took our little one to a cave a couple of weeks ago and stuck to a short 30 minute tour, which was the perfect amount of time for her and allowed us to get out of the house for a bit.

2. Toy Store: My little G, came up with this idea last weekend. We warned her, that we wouldn’t be buying anything, but we could go peruse the toy store to keep cool in their air conditioned shop. We did end up getting a few things, which we ended up using for other ideas like…

3. Water balloons: We bought these to have some fun in the sun, but still allowing us to keep cool. They were a pretty big mess and a little too wasteful to buy again as it only lasted about 5-10 minutes for us to all pop them on each other and sometimes ourselves, but it was worth it and it inspired us to find a more eco-friendly version, which we did here, using sponges and iced water. We will place these sponges in my little ones pool with water and ice and we can reuse them as much a possible.

4. Pool time: We don’t go to the pool much, just because of the chemical exposure but we decided to purchase a life jacket for my little one during these rare outings, plus we will be going to the lake next summer or tubing and its definitely a necessary purchase for her safety. We did end up going to the pool yesterday and she wore it almost the whole time which she LOVED! She bounced around the pool and felt secure with the little jacket on and of course I was by her side the whole time. Now if we could get a pool that doesn’t use nasty chemicals in the area.

5. Indoor Fishing: This was an idea I got on Pinterest. You grab a laundry basket, a blanket, a set of tongs, and any toys that would be easy enough to grab with the tongs. We did this last week with my little one and she loved it! The laundry basket wasn’t really sturdy enough, so be careful with really little ones. I think a bigger box may work better, but it kept her busy and challenged her. Then when she got bored, she decided to give the kitty a ride with her catch.FullSizeRender

These are just a few of the ideas we have used recently to keep everyone happy in the house during our heat waves. For more ideas, I recommend checking out this website here or you can Google more ideas as well.

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