Going vegan is delicious and nutritious! With our favorite 7 amazing recipes so far

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I gave up meat again and have been really impressed with all of the amazing food my husband and I have been making. I’m super proud of his commitment and a little shocked every time I hear him say that he doesn’t miss meat. My little one is having a harder time adjusting to our faux meat meals. She loves beans, but like here mama, she is very sensitive to the texture of her foods. My mom, who is living with us, is mostly on board with going vegan, but she isn’t home for dinners most nights because of her work schedule and she gets all of our leftovers. Even she, a carnivore at heart, has been impressed with our meals as well and said it’s not difficult going vegan when we are the ones cooking. To make it easy on anyone else who might be interested in either eating less meat or going all out vegan, here are our top 6 favorite meat to vegan recipes that we have really enjoyed. I hope you do too!

From Meat to Vegan Meals:
1. Pulled BBQ Tacos

2. “Fish” Sticks

3.  7 Layer Taco Dip

4. Breakfast Skillet with “Bacon”

5. Chickpea Nuggets

6. Burgers

By far, the Pulled BBQ tacos have been the most favorite recipe in my family so far. For the BBQ “pork” the recipe calls for jackfruit. This looks and tastes just like it’s fleshy counterpart! I’ll be using jackfruit more in other recipes to come, for sure! Not only does the taste and texture match up to pulled pork, jackfruit is jam packed with vitamins and minerals, fiber, and even has some protein!


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