Move, baby, move! Recipe for Mouthwatering Vegan Lassagna

When I was pregnant with my first baby, my midwife made me make sure baby’s head was down by 30 weeks. With the help of Spinning babies, she moved into position by 28 weeks. This time around little ones head was down during this same time and then, like babies do, he moved into an uncomfortable transverse position (head to my right with the butt on the left) at 33 weeks! My new midwife didn’t seem concerned but had me start the spinning babies exercises and recommended chiropractic adjustments (has success rate of 82%) to help baby move down. Lucky for me, I have an amazing chiropractor, Dr. Sheila Schielke! After a few weeks of spinning babies, YL peppermint essential oil on the top of my belly, and two adjustments baby has moved down! Not only am I excited that he is in a great position for birth, since amniotic fluid tends to decrease in production leaving less room for a big movement, but I am a lot more comfortable!!

If baby didn’t move down soon there were some other options that have great success, which I was about to do and would highly prefer over a version. A version is a procedure done in an OB clinic and a baby is moved into position outside of the belly, but has an only 58% success rate. I’ve heard they are very painful and sometimes don’t work. However, there are some more gentle ways of turning baby, like I mentioned above along with acupuncture (81% success rate), daily activities recommended by spinning babies, massage (therapeutic or maya), homeopathy, moxibustion, and hypnosis.

The great thing about these techniques, is that you can continue to do them to ensure that baby stays in the optimal position for birth, without fear of baby flipping back to breech. It’s recommended to do so to make a more comfortable birth for both you and baby. I have been keeping up with walking and will restart the forward inversion exercise and keep on top of my chiropractic adjustments.

My family went crazy for this Vegan Lasagna I made a week back. Hope you enjoy!


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