Is it leaching into you or your kids ?

When I learned about the harmful effects from BPA, I made it a mission to look for only BPA free products, especially for my more sensitive child. This was about 4 years ago. I don’t use much plastic in my house, but cups for littles were a must because they need water and I didn’t want spills or glass breaking on the floor. Life is messy with kids so I wanted to decrease it as much as possible.

BPA has been scientifically linked to asthma, cancer, infertility, low sperm count, genital deformity, heart disease, liver problems, ADHD, and more.

IMG_0854Then, I came across an article that states BPA free plastics are really not safe either. Instead of using BPA, companies have replaced one toxic plastic for another.

Now, I have cleaned out all of our plastic containers and bags and have replaced them with 100% stainless steel glasses, ceramic, glass containers or using the trusty Mason jar. They make these mason jar cozys so if you’re like me and tend to drop things too often, your jar is a little more protected.

Here are my favorite plastic free items:

1. My go to Gorilla Gear water bottle. It holds 64 oz of water so I make sure I’m drinking enough throughout the day. It comes with a plastic straw but I took it out. IMG_0852

2. Pyrex containers. I use these all the time to store leftovers. The kids are plastic but I make sure it doesn’t touch the food. When I think a head, I store ins in my vehicle so if I go out to eat I’m not forced to use the nasty styrofoam containers.

3. These handy bags are great for packing snacks like trail mix, crackers, cookies and more. Just as long as the item you place in it isn’t wet as it would leak. This company also makes produce bags and bread bags.

4. Mason jars or any jar we buy food in and reuse. Great to use for anything food, beverage, herbs, storage, etc.

5. Stainless steel, lead free glasses. Instead of plastic glasses for the kids, I bought these. Here’s a link for the ones I bought. $16 for 5 cups and straws.


Can you smell it?

Fragrance. Such a seemingly innocent word, yet, when you look at a product on any store shelf in the cleaning or cosmetic isle, you’ll see this dangerous word too often. This word which is protected by the government to conceal trade secrets can be a combination of any of the 3000 chemicals found within. Typically, the most popular products contain up to 14 unlisted chemicals on the package. 80 percent of the chemicals used in our country haven’t even been tested for safety.

And don’t fall for the unscented or scent free advertising trick. Most of these still contain fragrances and they add in a chemical to trick our brain to not detect the scent. Reading labels isn’t just for food products.

I’ve taken notice more recently because of our new addition to our family. I’ve always had an issue with certain perfumes, which would always lead to a cold. Having kids though, I’m even more attuned to people wearing perfumes/colognes. The chemicals that make up a lot of products scent are much more dangerous for little ones because they breath a lot more than we do and their undeveloped detoxifying organs have a hard time keeping up, especially if exposure is frequent.


So when you look at a product at a store, know that you are bringing in a ticking time bomb for possible side effects like increased allergies, organ toxicity, organ failure, dermatitis, cancer, reproductive damage, diabetes and more.

For me, I make my own products like deodorant and I found a company who makes shampoo from plants called Tate’s. I add in essential oils from a company I trust (Young Living) and use that as my perfume and instead of harming my body I’m working with it by using therapeutic plant oils.

Here’s my challenge to you. Go through your household and look at each product to find if fragrance is listed on the back. If it is get it out of your home to protect you and your family. Placing these toxic chemicals on the largest organ of your body isn’t worth it. To find new products, I like to check their safety on EWG website,


Just take it all in

This week, I wanted to write about my toddler. She became a big sister a month ago and I’ve been excited for a long time to see her in this role. She absolutely loves her little brother and has been so helpful and supportive during this time. I don’t expect her to help out she just volunteers.
We waited to have our second baby and I’m glad we did because she understands that we have to devote time to her brother now and she knows we love her and her brother the same. Don’t get me wrong, she’s had some tough days with this big transition, but all in all she’s doing amazing.
I can’t believe she is already 4 in a few days! After having another baby, it really brought back the memories of my postpartum time and all of the time we have had together as an only child.
It really hammers in the importance of slowing down when you have kids. Even now, I catch myself saying to her, “not now I have to finish doing this.” Which is usually cleaning in some fashion. I wish I was better at saying screw it. The dishes will get done eventually and just play with her. I definitely have days when I’m better and there are days when the kitchen, mainly, is driving me nuts and I have to get it cleaned before it stresses me out. I think being aware of it helps. So here are some ways I’m slowing down and living more in the now for my family.

IMG_06911. Receiving more help from friends and family. Our family recently got the lingering cold that has made its rounds in the area I live so I haven’t been asking for as much help because I don’t want to expose anyone to this. I did have a friend make me some elderberry syrup for us at her home.
2. I’m making more time for self-care because if I’m not taken care of my whole family suffers. Lately, this has been a lot of essential oil baths and going to bed early and eating nice clothes on occasion compared to my tank top and sweats.
3. Putting down the phone more. I’ve gotten into the habit again of being on Facebook and being aware of this I’m able to step back more. This has allowed me to take in the quiet time around my house and appreciate when my toddler is playing. It’s so fun to watch her play and watching my baby make random faces.
4. Ditching the chores to play and laugh with my daughter and just relax and hold my newborn while trying to balance time for both.
5. Breathing and meditating. One of my friends recommended listening to yoga nidra which has really helped me get some more rest. Here’s one of my favorites.
6. When I do cook, it’s been in bigger quantities to make sure we don’t have to cook as often.
Kids aren’t little for long so remember to soak up all the time you have with them but remember to take care of yourself too.

I’m so proud of the little girl my daughter has become and I’m excited to see what will come for her in the future and for our little boy, as well.