Can you smell it?

Fragrance. Such a seemingly innocent word, yet, when you look at a product on any store shelf in the cleaning or cosmetic isle, you’ll see this dangerous word too often. This word which is protected by the government to conceal trade secrets can be a combination of any of the 3000 chemicals found within. Typically, the most popular products contain up to 14 unlisted chemicals on the package. 80 percent of the chemicals used in our country haven’t even been tested for safety.

And don’t fall for the unscented or scent free advertising trick. Most of these still contain fragrances and they add in a chemical to trick our brain to not detect the scent. Reading labels isn’t just for food products.

I’ve taken notice more recently because of our new addition to our family. I’ve always had an issue with certain perfumes, which would always lead to a cold. Having kids though, I’m even more attuned to people wearing perfumes/colognes. The chemicals that make up a lot of products scent are much more dangerous for little ones because they breath a lot more than we do and their undeveloped detoxifying organs have a hard time keeping up, especially if exposure is frequent.


So when you look at a product at a store, know that you are bringing in a ticking time bomb for possible side effects like increased allergies, organ toxicity, organ failure, dermatitis, cancer, reproductive damage, diabetes and more.

For me, I make my own products like deodorant and I found a company who makes shampoo from plants called Tate’s. I add in essential oils from a company I trust (Young Living) and use that as my perfume and instead of harming my body I’m working with it by using therapeutic plant oils.

Here’s my challenge to you. Go through your household and look at each product to find if fragrance is listed on the back. If it is get it out of your home to protect you and your family. Placing these toxic chemicals on the largest organ of your body isn’t worth it. To find new products, I like to check their safety on EWG website,


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