Is it leaching into you or your kids ?

When I learned about the harmful effects from BPA, I made it a mission to look for only BPA free products, especially for my more sensitive child. This was about 4 years ago. I don’t use much plastic in my house, but cups for littles were a must because they need water and I didn’t want spills or glass breaking on the floor. Life is messy with kids so I wanted to decrease it as much as possible.

BPA has been scientifically linked to asthma, cancer, infertility, low sperm count, genital deformity, heart disease, liver problems, ADHD, and more.

IMG_0854Then, I came across an article that states BPA free plastics are really not safe either. Instead of using BPA, companies have replaced one toxic plastic for another.

Now, I have cleaned out all of our plastic containers and bags and have replaced them with 100% stainless steel glasses, ceramic, glass containers or using the trusty Mason jar. They make these mason jar cozys so if you’re like me and tend to drop things too often, your jar is a little more protected.

Here are my favorite plastic free items:

1. My go to Gorilla Gear water bottle. It holds 64 oz of water so I make sure I’m drinking enough throughout the day. It comes with a plastic straw but I took it out. IMG_0852

2. Pyrex containers. I use these all the time to store leftovers. The kids are plastic but I make sure it doesn’t touch the food. When I think a head, I store ins in my vehicle so if I go out to eat I’m not forced to use the nasty styrofoam containers.

3. These handy bags are great for packing snacks like trail mix, crackers, cookies and more. Just as long as the item you place in it isn’t wet as it would leak. This company also makes produce bags and bread bags.

4. Mason jars or any jar we buy food in and reuse. Great to use for anything food, beverage, herbs, storage, etc.

5. Stainless steel, lead free glasses. Instead of plastic glasses for the kids, I bought these. Here’s a link for the ones I bought. $16 for 5 cups and straws.


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