Definitely regretting my hair decision

When I was in college I started experimenting with different hair colors. As a natural brunette, I changed it to blonde to red then my favorite, which was a combination of blonde, pink, and purple. I had highlights and then I got into my career as an ultrasonographer and was no longer to do anything too crazy with my hair color. I missed this freedom

Then, on maternity leave a few weeks ago, I decided I would dye my hair blue for Halloween. My idea was to dress up as the animated character, Coraline. One of my friends said she’d do it for me so I started searching for the least toxic route of transforming my hair color. Well, being brown haired, I had to bleach my hair first and for having such little time to dye my hair, I ended up not finding a non toxic route. I bought Garnier blonde hair dye and found a less toxic blue, Artic Fox Poseidon blue. The reviews on the blue were well received so I purchased them and put my hair in the hands of my best buddy.

A week and a half later, I’m regretting my decision. The first two nights I reeked of chemicals and wondered how it was affecting my kiddos. Plus, my skin and pillowcase and fingernails seem to have taken on a rather Smurf like appearance which is getting rather old. On top of all that, the color has faded a lot! So it was all for nothing. It does make me appreciate my old hair color and once this finally is out of my hair I will be using henna to dye it to either red or brown.

Henna is an awesome way to dye hair. If only there was a blue henna…here are some interesting facts about henna. And if you love close to the Breadroot Co-op, you can get it bulk! If not, there are some options online with colors ranging from red, to brown or black. These two sites (here and here) even has indigo and a blonde

1. It conditions and strengthens hair, rather than weakening hair and your body like traditional chemical laden hair dyes
2. Made from the dried plant, lawsonia inermis and ground into a fine powder.
3. Can be used on hair, skin and fingernails.
4. Got thin hair? Henna not only strengthens the scalp, it also helps to stimulate hair growth.
5. When henna starts to wash out, it won’t leave that two toned annoying sign that you dyed your hair.
6. It’s so good for your hair, you can re-dye it every 72 hours.
7. May kill live and rid your scalp from dandruff.

For henna dying tips and resources:
IF YOUR HAIR IS CHEMICALLY DYED, make sure to only use pure henna or body art henna found here

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