Night out

I got some fun self-care in this week! My hubby hung out with the kiddos while me and my best bud enjoyed some girl time! Living where I do, it’s hard to find a place to accommodate my dietary restrictions. I heard of a newer coffee shop that also serves food. I messaged them on Facebook and they sounded like they would be able to meet my needs.

After nursing my babe, we headed out to our date at Harriet and Oak. I ordered a rhubarb cider and my friend ordered some white wine. To eat, we both ordered Buddha bowls- mine with falafel’s- which is gluten free and vegan… well there was a little misunderstanding and feta cheese was placed on top. I don’t like sending things back to the kitchen, both because I’m a little paranoid that they are going to mess with my food and secondly, I hate wasting food (hopefully someone ate it). It was delicious! We had such a fun time chatting and filling our bellies.


After dinner, we were going to go bowling, but it was super busy, so we decided to put a puzzle together. We thought it was a good idea, but the puzzle was difficult in our state (being both buzzed and tired) so we didn’t make it far and played cards instead. It wasn’t an elegant night, but I don’t need that to get some good self-care in. It’s just what I needed! Thank you for the fun evening, my awesome friend!

What are you doing this week to get in self-care?



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