Let’s get back to health!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday last weekend! We had a bunch of holiday celebrations. First, we went to my husbands family’s Christmas event. It was nice and low key with a white elephant gift exchange and the kids got a few presents to open. I got to teach my nephew how to play spoons, which was super popular with my friends when I was in elementary school.

Christmas Eve, we had my family and our close friends over for games, food, andIMG_1227 another white elephant exchange. Then, on Christmas we had a lazy, relaxing day with the family. My daughter was so excited to open gifts, so we did that right away in the morning. I think her coolest gift is a caterpillar to butterfly habitat. I ordered this gift early and I was happily surprised that two of the five caterpillars were still alive! I didn’t think of this when I ordered the gift. One of the survivors is in its cocoon already, while the second is fattening up. I think I’m a bit more excited about it than anyone else. 🙂

As we know, with the holidays brings the food, typically sugar laden. Well I got back into my sugar addiction and I also decided to eat some turkey on Christmas Eve. Then every day since, I’ve had a slice of turkey. I don’t know if it’s sugar or meat, but my fuse has gotten shorter. My poor 4 year old has seen the wrath of cranky mama and I feel awful. I am cutting sugar and meat again so I can get back to having more patience with her. Not only that, but I just signed up for a course with Dr. Shefali, “The Year of Manifestation.” This is my present to myself. It’s an important one and I’m so excited to start it in less than a few weeks! (more about this next week)

Anyone else feeling the holiday food crash? You ready to get back on course to optimum health? Let’s do this!!! Health is not just about eating nutritious foods. We need to be taking care of our inner health as well!

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