The Year of Inner Healing and Growth

Happy New Year to everyone!! My New Year resolution has never been bigger or more important than the one I am doing in 2018. Let me explain…Ever since I can remember, I have had issues with anxiety, depression and anger. I was always the emotional kid. When I left my mom to visit my dad I was a wreck and when I left my dad to return to my mom I was a wreck. My relationships were always difficult because I wanted control and yet I didn’t have to voice to speak my needs. I have been through counselors and therapists off and on since I was 16. During a very dark time with my depression in college, I even went on different anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. I remember being in my apartment, with my now husband, and just crying for days randomly while he held me and feeling scared and frustrated because I didn’t know why I was so sad. 

As much as I hate chemical medications, well chemicals in general really, I knew I needed something to help quick. After college I was able to go off the medications but I still struggle, albeit a lot less than previously. I get pissed about something that my husband did, yet somehow manage to appreciate all he does. I have gotten better about this more recently, however, children are amazing at helping us heal our inner garbage. They test our boundaries and bring out unhealed things from our past- having a spirited four year old only increases this, as well. 

With that, I bring you healing! I confided in a mentor and friend of mine who had some similar issues as mine. She has tried seeking healing from counselors for a long time too. She told me, if you don’t have a break through within 3 sessions with a therapist, you need to move on. Well I’m movin’ on! Nothing really drastically changed for her until she took a course from an amazing woman named Dr. Shefali Tsabary. Every time that I see my mentor/friend talk about how amazing she feels and how much it has helped with her family, I get so excited to take Dr. Shefali’s new course “The Year of Manifestation,” which starts next week!

If you are ready to make break through healing with me, sign up! It’s cheaper than seeing a counselor or therapist and sounds way more worth it! Plus, remember that YOU are worth it! Each month Dr. Shefali, along with other guest speakers, will be delving in on topics like “breaking free and breaking out, the end of conflict, intimacy, sexuality, and marriage, flow and authenticity, money, giving and financial abundance, and much, much more! These classes are every Tuesday at 8pm CST with an option of adding on meditation on Thursdays at the same time for 12 months! All classes are live (unless you’re unable to attend and you get the recording shortly after).

Please, love yourself to know that you deserve to be happy, healthy and abundant!!

Links include an affiliate program. Thank you for your support!


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