What a disappointment…

Yesterday morning, I woke up and I had a message from my mom. She sent me a link for a job opening looking for health and wellness coaches. I have tried to do my own business with this and I haven’t had much luck, so when I saw that a company was looking to hire a health coach I applied right away. Shortly after, I received a message asking when would be a good time to chat. At 8pm, I was supposed to have a conversation with someone from the company and at 710pm I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize and figured I had put down 8pm but for another time zone. 7 is usually around the time when we put my oldest kiddo to sleep so I checked with my husband and he told me to take the call.

It was a two way call with a woman and a man and they told me how the past 20 years they’ve been working with a company to help people lose weight and decrease their risk of health issues with great success. They teach coaches how to do one on one and group coaching classes and they boasted how they have seen people lose a lot of weight throughout their coaching experiences. I was so excited that a company, backed by UCLA, was looking out and helping people live healthier lives. The woman I was on the phone with said that she lives in the same town as I do, and when she returned from her trip from Canada, she could meet up with me to show me the ropes.

I was so excited! I am so passionate about helping people feel great and live abundantly! I just needed help marketing myself and here is a company with 20 years of experience to help me help others. After the 15-20 minute call I received a promotional video and was slowly disappointed when I found out that this was a MLM company. I don’t have a problem with these types of company’s, however, I wanted to know what was in their “Kool-Aid.” I found their website, and was horrified at the ingredients listed! This wasn’t healthy! Yes, people may lose weight, however, it ISN’T healthy!! Just because a person is skinny, doesn’t mean they are thriving.

After I discovered this, I messaged the lady back telling her that I looked at the ingredients and wasn’t comfortable selling people things that I wouldn’t myself take and that I was shocked at the ingredients. She went on to tell me in a very unorganized and with horrible grammar (I’m not the greatest at grammar, but this was hard to read) that it’s “No worse than junk food.” Wow! that’s a horrible comparison. I took a screen shot from my phone to show the conversation. Sorry if it’s a little difficult to read…

Now, I get that people want to help each other obtain health, but feeding them lies and garbage doesn’t help attain health. We are in a pandemic of obesity, which creates so many other health problems. I didn’t want to write about this company, Herbalife, to throw them under the bus because of that, however, I am throwing them under the bus because WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT just because a product is backed by a college, even a prestigious or not, we need to use the knowledge of what we know by researching what we are putting in our bodies. Here are some easy rules to follow.

How to Eat Cleaner:

-READ labels

  • Try to purchase items that only have 5 or less ingredients
  • If you can’t pronounce an ingredient PUT IT BACK on the shelf
  • Opt for organic and look for non-GMO project logo if you buy anything packaged, especially if it has corn, soy, sugar, and dairy
  • Avoid anything that has any type of sugar in the first few ingredients or if it contains more than 15g of sugar (key is to stay as low as possible but not go over 25g per day)
  • Buy as much fresh foods rather than packaged foods
  • If you are looking for a company to help you lose weight by using a cleanse or shakes, I recommend Purium. This company owns their own farms and they are Organic certified (this is an MLM run company, FYI- I receive no kickbacks from them)

    If you need further help feeling more alive and vibrant, please let me know! I’d love to help!


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