You deserve happiness

I wrote a few weeks back about a new course I was gifting myself to heal from my past and to grow into the person I truly am. It’s crazy that in our day in age, the majority of us don’t really know ourselves and what we want to do with our lives. With mainstream media and culture we are so bashed down to conformity that we lose sight of our true being and desires. Rather we spend too much time and money focused on external “things” we don’t really need or want and we really aren’t happy because we aren’t being authentic.

Well, I can already tell you that after just 2 sessions of Dr. Shefali’s Year of Manifestation, I’m waking up like never before. In the past dabbled in meditation randomly and journaled here and there but it’s been a full week with meditation and I just started journaling last night and will do so after meditating each day. The thing that’s really helped me meditate is an app called Insight Timer. It has different bells and sounds and you can see who you meditated with around the world.

If you haven’t had success with meditating or you just want to try something new, I recommend this free app. IMG_1368

Also, if you are truly wanting happiness I highly recommend taking Dr. Shefali’s course(s). She’s an amazing teacher and I have 50 weeks more to learn from her.

Well, until next time, love yourself! You deserve health, happiness, and abundance!!

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