WOW! I’m impressed!

Last week, I decided to make some nightshade-free salsa (if you haven’t tried it yet, yum!! please do!) We got quite a crop of carrots last summer and we ended up freezing them in bulk. I grabbed a bag of the carrots and tossed them in a little bit of water to steam cook them. Me, having mama brain and a husband with a headache who listened to his body and went for a nap, I took the kids downstairs so he’d be able to rest easier. My little guy was about to fall asleep maybe 15 minutes later, and when I came upstairs I realized that I still had the carrots on the stove! The bottom of the pan was horribly burned. Thankfully, I was able to salvage enough of the carrots to make the salsa.


However, I believed the pan was toast! I soaked and scraped for days and then, I finally got out a cleaner that I didn’t even think to use. Since then, I’ve been using it A LOT because not only was I able to save my trusted little pot, I didn’t have to scrape it clean! The cleaner was sprayed into the pot and left for a day and when I looked at it the next day, the burned crusted layer peeled away from the pot!! The best part, is that its a non-toxic cleaner! Thieves Cleaner is made with therapeutic grade essential oils which boost the immune system, rather than deplete it!


See how it’s curling up away from the pot? Wish I got a before picture!



Wanna learn how to buy some Thieves Cleaner? 3743Let me know! I’d love to help transform your home into a place of health!

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