Moment by moment

Anyone have someone in their life that you wish you could just change a little bit? Maybe just one or two qualities that you really just want to tweak a bit? For me, before I started the course, Year of Manifestation, I wanted to change my husband. Not a lot! Just like I said above, just a little tweak! I found it absolutely aggravating every time that he would get on his phone or iPad. Whenever he did this, I felt abandoned. This isn’t his fault, yet for some reason whenever he picked up his device, I felt anger. Silly, I know. I mean, c’mon, I use my phone and iPad, why can’t he?

Well honestly it doesn’t bug me anymore. Maybe its the course, or maybe it’s because I have been monitoring my screen time on my phone recently and noticed that I am very guilty of being on it too much. Way more than I want to be!! How? I added an app called Moment. This free app will tell you how much time is spent on your device each day. It was shocking when I first started using the app. I take online courses so most of the time my time on my phone is scary long, but I usually just subtract the hour long class in the amount that I’m shown for the day. Plus, for $3.99 you can put limits on your usage to decrease time on the screen. I haven’t done this yet, but if my usage stays high, I will. Because who wants to be behind a screen all day? I want to live in nature and with the ones I love!


Not only is this app great for showing your daily screen usage, but it is empowering to know that you can make a change the next day to be a little bit better, to put the device down and just be in the present moment more. Obviously, I have some work to do with my onscreen time – I’ve been researching and learning a lot the last few days.

Anyone else ever use this app before?

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