Elimination diet for migraines? We will see!

My husband has made a huge change recently, The Elimination Diet. He’s a huge fan of nightshades and sugar, so it’s been a tough transition. He is a chronic migraine sufferer though, so I am so glad that he has finally embarked on this journey. He started last Thursday and has 6 days left until he can start reintroducing foods (reintroduce every 4 days). I’m curious as to what he will choose first, but I’m even more excited to see if we can pinpoint his migraine trigger(s)!

For the elimination diet he has cut out all sugars (except fruit), nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, paprika, eggplant, peppers), all oils (except coconut oil- he slipped up one day and added sesame seed oil to a salad), eggs and dairy (wasn’t eating them anyway), corn, coffee and chocolate, nuts, alcohol, wheat, and soy. If there’s a suspected food item, you should stay away from these, as well.

Usually when he’s trying a detox diet or the like, he struggles and doesn’t last, but I am confident he will stick to it. The second or third day he mentioned that he really thinks his body likes being on this diet. I asked him to further elaborate and he said, “I just feel good. My digestion has improved and same with my energy.” The 5th day, I believe, he did get a headache that lasted a few days from detoxing, but it wasn’t a migraine!

I’ll keep you all updated to what his results are in the next few weeks.

Have you ever done an elimination diet?

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