Kids in pain is the worst

When are kids are sick or are ok pain, it’s one of the hardest things to witness. Recently, my daughter split her lip open at her preschool just from walking in footie pjs she slipped and caught her face on a table. Shortly after the incident, I got a call to come pick her up along with a picture of her lip. It didn’t look too bad until I picked her up and I knew she would need stitches.

An urgent care faculty was very close to her school so we headed there. The physician that saw us decided it would be best to have a specialist fix it because if it’s location. Three more stops and 5 hours later we finally left the ER. Emotionally drained after what my daughter went through with the hallucinogen they gave her to the stitches was horrible but nothing compared to the experience of her having the stitches removed.

My huge learning experience from this were twofold. First, if your kiddo can walk, no footie pjs. Second, never let a doctor put non-dissolvable stitches in a young child’s body.

Although the experience was traumatizing to us all, it was necessary and we all learned from it and I’m grateful that it wasn’t worse. I know that my experience is mild compared to what other parents have to endure and I give a huge shout out to all those families that have to watch their child(ten) suffer through regular treatments, surgeries, or worse. My heart goes out to you all and I wish we never had to go through them.

Much love to you all!

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