Stop doing

Why do we feel the need to be constantly doing something? I vowed that after my second baby was born, that I was going to just focus on being a mom and work when I needed to. I was doing great! I signed up for an amazing, transformational class taught by the author of The Conscious Parent, Dr. Shefali Tsabary. For a few months I was doing so well! I meditated every night for at least 15 minutes, I was relaxed and at peace.

Then, I was approached by a person who told me about this amazing company and that I should really look into it. I did, then I started increasing my doing more and more. I signed up for a training to teach me how to attract more interest to my business and then I added another stream of income into my life. And every time I did, I felt more anxiety and more irritability into my life. At home, I work on my computer to help out our community we are building and that takes away from the attention to my kids and then, when I’m finished with that I’m left with no time to myself. The stess and anxiety have slowly crept back into my life. And why? Because, like most of us, we have been taught that we need to be busy or we are lazy and unsuccessful at life. I wasn’t taught that boredom was actually good. To be bored was not okay. NO! I’m not buying into that anymore. Stress is the number one reason people start to develop disease and it can also threaten relationships.

So how to fix this conundrum? First step is recognizing this issue. Second, really narrow down the things you can cut out of your life. For me, I have canceled the marketing training and I decided to just be grateful for the job that I have right now. I’m so blessed that I really only need to work two days a week at my job, and for now it works with my husband to work opposite shifts. Third, set boundaries for yourself. For me, I am allowing myself to work at home 2 hours a day and to let myself do this throughout the day. The rest of the day is devoted to family time AND ME time! When we take care of our personal needs, and please, get clear with these needs, so we can better care for our loved ones. Lastly, meditate, practice conscious breathing, and journal every day! This allows us to create nothing from the constant chaos of everyday responsibilities. It lets us slow down and really get clear about what’s really necessary in our lives.

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