Lover, not a hater

Too often we focus on the things we don’t like about our body. If we continue to shame our beautiful one and only body, we will not be whole and will be unable to thrive. It may not be magazine “perfect” but why is that not okay? And do you really want that model body anyway? Not me! I want to be fit and feeling amazing but I don’t want to look like I starve myself or obsess about what I look like. I did that in high school and it was exhausting. I wouldn’t leave the house because I was too self conscious about my looks and then I got acne so bad that I was even more embarrassed. I also want to show my daughter that it’s okay to wear makeup sometimes and for the most part that it’s okay to have an imperfect appearance. I also do this by telling her stories that I make up (she loves these) about how being whole and conscious and loving to ourselves and others is way more beautiful than our appearance.

Instead of standing in front of a mirror pointing out things we don’t like let’s sit in stillness and appreciate all that our body does for us. Our bodies do SO much!! It’s one of the most amazing and smart things. So let’s honor our bodies with every scar and millimeter of imperfection because behind these there are millions of other amazing things that go unnoticed and are way more important than the things we don’t like.

So, what do you love and appreciate about your body? What can you do right now to show your appreciation to allow your body to thrive? What’s holding you back from investing in your life to show you that you and your body matter? It takes small, impactful changes every day to create a life full of abundance. Where can you start? It’s not easy, but damn it’s so worth it and so are YOU!! You have a lot of life to live and you deserve to feel great in mind, body, and spirit!! Who wants to sit on the sidelines of life when we can be playing!

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