Accepting the As-Is

One of my best couple friends has decided to adopt!! I don’t know if you’ve read previous blog posts about my adoption journey (the adoption didn’t pan out and it was devastating). I was so invested in adopting, however, it worked out for the best for us at this point in time. And who knows, maybe we will try that again or maybe we will foster some kids. For now, I’m just soaking up time with my baby (who already is 7 months old) and my 4 year old! It’s so important to remember when things don’t go the way you intended- to let go and realize that it didn’t work out for a reason!

Anyway, I called her a few days ago to check in on her because she recently announced on Facebook that she and her husband may have one or more kids with them soon! These two are such amazing people and I love them dearly! They have been trying to conceive and just weren’t able to. My girlfriend is a lot like me, she is a planner and a researcher! She found out about foster to adopt, which I knew was a thing, however I didn’t realize that you can specifically ask for this type of foster placement. If I would have known that, my baby boy would probably not be here, so I’m glad it didn’t work out for us- see it didn’t happen for us for a reason!

This is such an important lesson- accepting the As-IS! This has been really fostering in me the last few months with the help from Dr. Shefali’s course and doing my own work with meditation, journaling and moving my body! My husband and I are so thrilled that I’m able to let things go a lot easier now. It’s so important to be able to master this skill. Being attached to an outcome is stressful and can really cause a lot of turmoil! I used to get so anxious and frustrated when things didn’t go according to MY plan and when you have other people in your life, like kids, deviating from a plan happens more often than not.

So embrace the present moment and try to not get stuck in the past or present. Things happen for a reason and if we didn’t have the past events, then we wouldn’t be where we are RIGHT NOW. Sometimes things in our past really sucked, but we can’t change them, we can only let go and learn from them. On the other hand, we can plan and plan and plan and those plans may never come to fruition, so don’t fret about something that may not happen. Live life where it is NOW, in this Very moment! Put down those distractions, like cell phones, TV, etc and live your life. Especially helpful now that it’s warming up and being in nature is so much easier!



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