It may not make sense at this moment… embrace trust

Today I want to talk about gratitude. Sometimes I feel like I am not the greatest at showing my gratitude toward my loved ones. It’s something that I have been working on after my more recent realization. I’ve always thought of myself as grateful, however, after my husband asked what I wanted for mothers day I was irritated that I felt like he didn’t listen. Now I know he did more than I imagined.

When he asked what I wanted, I told him my usual response, “I don’t need anything. Just maybe a massage and some alone time.” Typicallhy he still buys me things that I really don’t need (I’m the practical kind of gift receiver and buyer).

Now, I’m sitting in my gift enjoying the alone time that I asked for and embracing the serenity and taking in nature listening to the gentle waves of the lake and jumping fish. The light breeze is making the sunny day even more incredible. My husband gave me the gift of escaping with a hobby I love to do! So, look into your life and see what you can be grateful for. Is there something that you have misinterpreted and able to embrace the message? This happens a lot more than we think. We get mad or irritated when something doesn’t “work out” when really, it’s what was really needed, even if it doesn’t make sense at this moment.



Schedule the flow

I have and probably always will be a planner. I love to plan trips, plan meals, and yet for some reason, planning out my day always seemed silly to me. I wanted to be able to live life in flow. I didn’t want to be tied down to time constraints. Then, I signed up for this AMAZING membership for parenting. (If you missed your chance to get in, that’s okay… the creator has sooooooooooo much KILLER content for free and she has other courses. She will also be opening up the membership in about six months so you can get on her email list so that you can be notified when it reopens.)

So in the membership, one of the modules is called Busy Slayer. I kind of avoided that one right off the bat, but then last week I decided to check it out. Some of the stuff I was already doing (meal planning) but she recommended making a weekly schedule. I decided to try it out and OMG I’m so glad that I did! No, I don’t follow it to the T, however, it’s an amazing baseline for things that I would like to accomplish through the week each day AND it’s been so helpful with my spirited daughter. I don’t know why I threw the spirited part in there. I really think no matter the kids temperament, every child would love this consistency. For example, every day I pick up my daughter from preschool we get home and we eat lunch. Then after, we have quiet time, then we play outside and go for a walk, then we come home and I let her watch one episode of educational TV (Wild Kratts is her favorite right now. We also like Dinosaur Train, Daniel Tiger, and Sid the Science Kid). While she is watching her show, I prepare dinner. Then we eat together and then do yoga and or play a family game together (after TV time it’s calming time to prepare for bedtime). Then we get her ready for bed, three books and lights out. She loves knowing what is coming up next. She even likes quiet time now!!! Our days run so much more smooth and has way more flow and fun and I’m so grateful for being open to trying out a weekly schedule.

Do you have a weekly schedule? If not, what is holding you back? Do you feel inspired to try one? Let me know! I’d love to help! Until next time… Take care of yourself because you deserve health, happiness, and abundance!!

Are you a happy parent? DON’T miss out!!

Hi there! I had to write about something that I’m really excited about! As you may have read throughout my blogging history, I have a wonderfully determined four year old. She is so confident and spunky and I adore her to pieces, however, it has been a tough road for me as a parent for her. I’ve done a lot of personal growth and still find myself struggling. I am so calm and peaceful and then my toddler continues to push and push and push and then I lose it! I make her feel sad and then I start feeling guilty and then I question the whole parenting thing all together and fantasize about running away and living off the grid in my eco friendly egg house.

Then, I sat through an exciting and transformational webinar and yes, it was free! The content was amazing and I was so nervous to listen to the end because I knew this was something I had to sign up for, yet, money is tight right now and I wasn’t sure I would be able to dive right in. Guess what!? It’s less than a dollar a day!! There was no hesitation- I signed up right then. If you want to transform your parenting, or your life to flow better, this is such an amazing way to give you the tools to be able to do it and price you can’t beat! I still can’t believe how low priced this is! Please, check it out! You won’t regret it! I am not getting any affiliate kickbacks, I don’t earn anything from this other than knowing that parents and kids are able to thrive and have excitement rather than walking on eggshells or dreading certain parts of your day!

The way Avital has this course set up is so easy and simple and there is SOOOO much content! I just signed up two days ago and it’s already been so helpful!! I’ve been able to organize and de-clutter my daughters room and throughout the house. I’ve been able to allow for more flow throughout our home and I’m so excited to learn more! If you’re interested in taking advantage of this incredible experience for you and your family, click here, for Present Play. It only opens 1 or 2 times a year so don’t miss out!

It’s okay to say goodbye

Continued from Accepting the As-Is

When I talked with my sweet friend, I asked her how she was doing and I wanted to know how the process was going, as it seemed like soon they would have one or more kiddos! My friend is so good about being completely authentic. There’s no bullshit with her. She calls it how it is and she was able to gain some clarity through my process, which I’m glad that we did go through that process in order to help my friend (everything happens for a reason- thank you Universe!!) One thing I could help her with was by helping her deal with the reactions from the people in her life. Unfortunately, even when we are super excited about a new venture in our lives and we hope that others will support us on a new journey, it doesn’t always happen. She was having a hard time with some negative feedback from people she is very close with regarding their adoption. I knew how she was feeling! I remember talking to another person who adopted and she went through the same thing! How disheartening it is that when you want to help someone (or people) that others bring you down?

I told her, I know it’s hard, however, try to see it as a blessing. If these people aren’t lifting you up in this time of need, then are they really worth it? Not only that, but the ones that do lift you up and are there for you, those might be ones that you want to keep around (not really trying to toot my own horn). Really it’s all about learning and growing from others. If you are constantly helping a friend in crisis mode, is this person really needing you or are they bringing you down? We have to make a decision in our lives who we choose to spend our time with and if this means cutting off a relationship that isn’t worth it, thank them for what you’ve learned from them and graciously bow out of it. There’s nothing wrong with you honoring yourself by picking who you want to be around. For me, I don’t want to be in the drama anymore. I don’t want to talk crap anymore. I don’t want to tip-toe around others because I might offend them. If I do, then either tell me so we can build our relationship or decide whether I’m a person you want in your life. We are all here on this earth because we have a purpose for being here. Being around negativity and low frequency people won’t allow us to live this purpose. It’s okay to be here every once in a while to learn a few things, but get out as soon as possible to allow your life to flourish!