It’s okay to say goodbye

Continued from Accepting the As-Is

When I talked with my sweet friend, I asked her how she was doing and I wanted to know how the process was going, as it seemed like soon they would have one or more kiddos! My friend is so good about being completely authentic. There’s no bullshit with her. She calls it how it is and she was able to gain some clarity through my process, which I’m glad that we did go through that process in order to help my friend (everything happens for a reason- thank you Universe!!) One thing I could help her with was by helping her deal with the reactions from the people in her life. Unfortunately, even when we are super excited about a new venture in our lives and we hope that others will support us on a new journey, it doesn’t always happen. She was having a hard time with some negative feedback from people she is very close with regarding their adoption. I knew how she was feeling! I remember talking to another person who adopted and she went through the same thing! How disheartening it is that when you want to help someone (or people) that others bring you down?

I told her, I know it’s hard, however, try to see it as a blessing. If these people aren’t lifting you up in this time of need, then are they really worth it? Not only that, but the ones that do lift you up and are there for you, those might be ones that you want to keep around (not really trying to toot my own horn). Really it’s all about learning and growing from others. If you are constantly helping a friend in crisis mode, is this person really needing you or are they bringing you down? We have to make a decision in our lives who we choose to spend our time with and if this means cutting off a relationship that isn’t worth it, thank them for what you’ve learned from them and graciously bow out of it. There’s nothing wrong with you honoring yourself by picking who you want to be around. For me, I don’t want to be in the drama anymore. I don’t want to talk crap anymore. I don’t want to tip-toe around others because I might offend them. If I do, then either tell me so we can build our relationship or decide whether I’m a person you want in your life. We are all here on this earth because we have a purpose for being here. Being around negativity and low frequency people won’t allow us to live this purpose. It’s okay to be here every once in a while to learn a few things, but get out as soon as possible to allow your life to flourish!

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